Lunch Fixed: Aladdin®, a brand of PMI, Launches Collapsible Lunch Collection

Consumer Research, Smart Design, and Style Combine to Create Collapsible Lunch Solutions

Mar 07, 2011, 09:05 ET from Aladdin(R), a brand of PMI

SEATTLE, March 7, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Leaky containers and soggy greens have long been cramping women's make-and-take lunch routine. Busy schedules run interference too, marginalizing lunch to a meal taken between errands; one that's satisfactory, but rarely satisfying. Not for long. Aladdin, a one hundred year old brand with a storied history in food solutions, is fixing lunch for busy women everywhere with the launch of their new Collapsible Lunch Collection.

Recognizing that many women are skipping or skimping on their mid-day meal, Aladdin embarked on a mission to rediscover lunch, employing focus groups and third party moderators to determine the obstacles and possible solutions to making this important meal enjoyable again. They found that most women were dissatisfied with the lunches they were preparing and the options for packing and transporting; if they were taking time for lunch at all.

The focus groups Aladdin hosted revealed the most common pain-points women endure when packing a lunch: transport, storage, leaks, and food-specific issues like wilted lettuce and soggy vegetables. The solutions women craved? Bowls that store easily in bags and crowded cupboards, leak proof lids, and products made to keep greens crisp. With this knowledge in hand, Aladdin went to work incorporating all these features into their new lunch products, the Collapsible Lunch Collection.

The Collapsible Lunch Collection is comprised of four unique, innovative sets: the Collapsible Salad Set, Collapsible Steamer Set, 3 Collapsible Bowl Set and 2 Collapsible Mini Bowl Set. Each bowl in the collection packs and stores flat, is leak proof, dishwasher safe, microwave safe, and stylishly designed in vibrant colors.  The Collapsible collection does away with cupboard avalanches, and is easily transportable from home to office and back again for the pack, eat, collapse, clean, repeat cycle.

"Some women had given up on packing a lunch because of their frustrations with their options," explained Colleen Kennedy, PMI's Aladdin Product Manager. "They were fed up with leaky, awkward containers, wilted salads, and fresh vegetables ruined by lunchtime. That's not how a lunch break should be – lunch should be enjoyed."

More than one research participant expressed the need for a portable salad solution to keep greens fresh and include leak-proof components for salad dressings.  "I'd like to have options depending on what I'm taking," said Susannah, a travel agent in the 30-35 year old bracket. "Something that keeps condiments or salad dressings separate would be ideal, to keep things crisp and fresh, and avoid soggy sandwiches or salads."  Aladdin's Collapsible Salad Set takes freshness one step further with a dual use colander for packing and rinsing greens on the go.

Aladdin's Collapsible collection will be available at specialty retailers in May of 2011, and can be purchased online at  The Collapsible Salad Set is $25 MSRP; the Collapsible Steamer Set, $10; the 3 Collapsible Bowl Set, $20; and the 2 Collapsible Mini Bowl Set, $11.

While the Collapsible collection is new for 2011, lunch is nothing new for Aladdin, a brand that's been making beloved products since 1908. In the 1950's Aladdin pioneered the character lunch box with the Hopalong Cassidy metal lunch box and insulated bottle kit. The rest was history – a long history of classic lunch boxes, from Dukes of Hazard to Holly Hobby to Masters of the Universe. In the Collapsible Collection, Aladdin hopes to reconnect with adults who used to love their lunchbox as a kid and give them a way to love lunch again.

About Aladdin

Aladdin has been creating lifestyle products since 1908.  From the character lunch boxes that many carried as kids, to the sleek mugs they use for their morning coffee today, Aladdin is committed to creating unique food and beverage solutions that fit your lifestyle. Products that are sustainable, stylish and functional. Products to love. To learn more about Aladdin, visit

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Founded in 1983, by Rob Harris, PMI manufactures, markets, and designs innovative food and beverage solutions for busy lifestyles across the globe. PMI's two most recognizable brands, Stanley® and Aladdin®, are both nearly 100 years old. Guided by principles of sustainability, community and integrity, PMI has extended these beloved brands into the future while remaining rooted in their past. Headquartered in Seattle, WA, PMI has offices in Shanghai and Manila and ownership in PMI Joinease manufacturing in China. It currently distributes its products in over 50 countries worldwide.

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