Lyve Minds Announces Pre-Sale of LyveHome April 25th

Lyve provides consumers with a new solution for collecting, protecting and rediscovering life's memories

Apr 25, 2014, 12:30 ET from Lyve Minds, Inc.

CUPERTINO, Calif., April 25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Lyve Minds, Inc. has announced its first product, LyveHome, with the Lyve app, is available for pre-sale to consumers. With a strong reception at its debut at CES 2014, the highly anticipated LyveHome will be available in limited quantity on before it hits mass market in the US later in May 2014. The Lyve app will be available for download then as well, included with purchase of a LyveHome. 

The LyveHome™ is a high-capacity device for the mobile consumer and the Lyve app that completes the Lyve solution, will be available for iOS, Android, and OS X devices at launch. The Lyve app is powered by the Lyve cloud-based service, enabling it to bring together the consumer's entire photo and video collection across platforms, making them accessible on any device at any time, so any memory is at their fingertips. As new photos and videos are captured, they are collected into the Lyve account, thumbnails are synced across connected devices, and the originals are copied to the LyveHome, ensuring they're protected. The LyveHome is completely private, and in your control, providing a secure and user-friendly foundation for the experience, as it is a touch-screen, always-on device that can hold a lifetime of photos and videos.

Lyve will also notify you if your space is getting low or your account needs attention. Have memories scattered on various SD cards, old phones, or drives? They can also be imported into the LyveHome, and made available across any device, making it simple and easy to collect, protect and re-discover life's memories. The limited quantity pre-order offer for consumers is priced at $299 not including tax and shipping.

About Lyve Minds, Inc.

Lyve is focused on creating the best experience for collecting, protecting and rediscovering consumers' photos and videos. Lyve believes technology should serve us better, and in today's increasingly mobile world consumers require a better solution for enjoying all of life's moments captured across our devices. Lyve provides a complete mobile solution consisting of the LyveHome, an always-on device, and the Lyve app that allows for the movement of photos and videos across devices in one, consistent collection. Lyve is a start-up based in Cupertino, CA, and is made up of a proven team who has been a part of bringing to market some of the world's leading consumer products. For more information, visit Lyve's website,

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