M2 Renewables, Inc. Founder and CTO Ken Stedman Named Honoree in Clean Technology Category at the 2010 TechAmerica David Packard Medal of Achievement and Innovator Awards.

Oct 22, 2010, 12:11 ET from M2 Renewables, Inc.

PALO ALTO, Calif., Oct. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- M2 Renewables, Inc. (www.m2renewables.com) a California-based industry leader pioneering wastewater treatment and renewable energy technology, announced its founder and CTO Ken Stedman was honored with the 2010 Innovator Award for Clean Tech/Green Tech/Smart Grid (www.techamerica.org/innovatorawards).

The prestigious award recognizes Stedman's individual innovation in wastewater treatment processes that create recycled water and renewable energy from wastewater, both critical elements in achieving a sustainable future.  This is a momentous award for M2 Renewables and its founder.

"I believe M2R can contribute significantly to sustainability efforts and make a difference for generations to come," said Stedman.

The David Packard Achievement and Innovation Awards, the highest awards sponsored by TechAmerica, celebrate individual innovators for their significant contributions to high-tech industry, society, and humanity.

This award follows M2 Renewables' recognition earlier this year.  The company was honored with the Harvey Mudd Green Engineering Award for exceptional energy saving devices at the 17th Annual TechAmerica High-Tech Innovation Awards in Orange County, California (http://www.techamerica.org/htaoc).

About M2 Renewables, Inc.

The M2R system offers a modular, integrated treatment process that can deliver irrigation-quality, reusable water directly from raw sewage using a physical and chemical process. The result is a modular, expandable, economical and environmentally friendly method for creating reusable water in one tenth the footprint, for about one half to one third the cost while consuming less than one fifth the electricity of conventional systems.

The M2R Process, with worldwide applications, consists of three major components:  The M2R MicroScreen which removes suspended solids from the raw influent, the M2R Modular Filter, a fully automated, continuously cleaning media filtration system with remote monitoring and control capabilities, and the M2R Energy Conversion System which transforms the fresh solids into various energy end products.

M2 Renewables offers its treatment process and energy conversion system to municipalities, wastewater treatment authorities, governmental agencies and residential and commercial property developers. Current installations include a 3 mgd wastewater plant in Adelanto, California, a 120,000 gpd plant for Prologis in Fontana, California and a 60,000 gpd demonstration wastewater treatment plant in Woodsville, New Hampshire.

For more information, please visit www.m2renewables.com

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