MagicGPS Changes GPS tracking with No Monthly Fees using Wi-Fi Hot Spots!

Jan 16, 2013, 09:45 ET from MagicGPS

PHOENIX, Jan. 16, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- MagicGPS LLC introduces a new GPS Tracking Service with No Monthly Fees.  MagicGPS is designed to help reduce transportation GPS tracking costs by as much as 80% by leveraging Wi-Fi Hot Spots. MagicGPS records tracking information by creating "MagicCrumbs," a cookie crumb trail that you can see by logging in to your MagicGPS dashboard, which uses Google Maps.  Using Wi-Fi Hot Spots for the device to send the information about where it has been (i.e., GPS locations, speeds and directions, trail, etc.,). This eliminates the normal cellular monthly services charges which typically range from $8 to $40 per month per device. MagicGPS has no monthly service fees, and no long term multiyear contracts are required. MagicGPS-100 has a low one-time service activation fee that includes, the device, account setup, and first year of service for $389.95, and $29.95 per year after the first year.

"Let's Change GPS Tracking, with No More Monthly Fees!  We are focused on helping reduce operating cost for service fleets and transportation companies by eliminating high monthly fees for GPS tracking," said Vincent Nicosia, CEO at MagicGPS. He further added, "With lower margins and higher prices on: fuel, insurance, power units, and other items, many transportation companies are looking to reduce costs wherever possible without sacrificing benefits.  This is exactly what MagicGPS delivers."

MagicGPS connects and automatically sends "MagicCrumbs" whenever it finds an open 802.11 Wi-Fi connection or  when it connects to any Wi-Fi Hot Spots you currently own or subscribe to such as AT&T, GoGo, T-Mobile, Sprint or Bongo. Whenever you want to see your MagicGPS unit's crumbs, simply login to your account and see it on Google Maps. Businesses that want to increase customer traffic to their location can easily add their Wi-Fi hot spot to the MagicGPS website.

MagicGPS leverages the ever growing availability of Wi-Fi Hot Spots at transportation centers, restaurants, fuel centers, distribution facilities, lots, yards, and ports etc., as well as the rapidly increasing number of cell phones providing Wi-Fi Hot Spot services.

What Can MagicGPS Track?

Just about anything that comes in range of with accessible 802.11 Wi-Fi during its normal movement.

Transportation: Cars and Truck Fleets, Containers, Chassis, Rail Cars, Ships

Healthcare: Personnel, Product Shipments, Equipment, Devices

Manufacturing: Asset Tracking, Fleet Cars and Vans, Products, Equipment

Personal: Cars, Boats, Campers, ATVs, and even your own activity

About MagicGPS

MagicGPS LLC is the worldwide provider of highly innovative, yet low cost GPS Tracking Services designed to reduce operating costs for its customers with Service Fleets and in the transportation industry.  Information about MagicGPS can be found at     Let's Change GPS Tracking, with No Monthly Fees! 

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