Magisto Launches New Premium Editing Themes to 50 Million Users

User data leads to the creation of custom editing styles that enhance Magisto's popularity as a communication platform for richly told stories

Dec 10, 2014, 18:00 ET from Magisto

NEW YORK, Dec. 10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Magisto, the cloud-based mobile video platform, announced today the launch of three new premium themes, "Happy Birthday!", "Baby Steps" and "Wedding Bliss."  The company has been carefully analyzing data from its rapidly expanding user base to better understand the kinds of stories people want to tell and share.  The new editing themes were created in response to some of the most popular categories of video storytelling and help user's tell the story of these life events in a more emotionally evocative way. 

Magisto's easy–to-use video platform uses AI-enhanced editing technology to identify unifying emotional elements from the photos and videos sitting on a user's phone to create an elegant and emotionally resonate personal video. The creation process includes the selection of an editing theme that determines such elements as special effects, editing speed, mood and overall look and feel of the final Magisto movie. User data revealing the popularity of videos made to celebrate birthdays, babies and weddings, led to the study of millions of users' movies featuring these subjects. Magisto's in-depth research resulted in the creation of three custom-developed editing themes that give users the power to create professional-style birthday, baby and wedding videos beautifully optimized for sharing. 

Oren Boiman, CEO and co-founder of Magisto said, "As Magisto has increased its user base to include tens of millions of creators, we have paid close attention to the how and why of creation and sharing.  We found that a large number of the movies made with Magisto celebrate these three important life events and we felt that these categories deserved editing themes that recognized the deeply personal and emotional nature of these stories. In addition to delivering the highest quality artistic tools for creating meaningful personal videos, we are equally focused on providing powerful ways to deliver these stories through social sharing."

What has further distinguished Magisto's role as a technology platform promoting deep human connection is the social sharing data from its users. Magisto has found that while users still share their personal movies via broadcast social sharing channels like Facebook and YouTube, 50% of users who shared a movie did so via the so-called "dark social" channels of email or SMS.  Magisto's findings echo recently published social data demonstrating a global preference for selective sharing via these narrowcast channels.  

The Magisto community creates the equivalent of 20 years worth of produced video each month and generates over 30MM views of those movies through targeted social sharing.  Magisto users create and share a variety of stories across numerous subjects and their sharing habits range from very private to very public. Magisto recognizes the need for a flexible system of sharing and offers a distribution platform that allows users to match their movies to the appropriate audience.  This variety of sharing options coupled with automatic, professional-style video creation tools makes the Magisto platform a very powerful communication device for effectively connecting a personal narrative with the right audience.

Magisto themes offer a wide variety of editing styles including special events like World Cup and seasonally launched holiday editing themes, as part of Magisto's free service.  The application is translated in over 20 languages and the new custom-designed themes are available for $1.99 each with unlimited access.  All premium users have free access to the custom themes as part of their monthly or annual subscription. 

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