Magisto Solves the Action Camera Video Dilemma with the Industry's First Narration Algorithm and Zero Touch Storytelling

The Powerful Combination Takes the Action Camera Enthusiast from Video Editing Zero to Storytelling Hero

Oct 22, 2015, 16:00 ET from Magisto

MENLO PARK, Calif., Oct. 22, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Magisto, the world's most popular video storytelling platform with 70 million users, today introduced the industry's first Narration Algorithm and an Action Camera storytelling feature called Magisto for Windows, a zero touch way of quickly and automatically making incredible, emotionally-rich stories from any action camera video content.

The issue of translating action camera content into meaningful, memorable stories is just starting to hit critical mass. Considering that GoPro alone, shipped 5.2 million capture devices in 2014 with an average of 6 hours per memory card, there is potentially 31 million hours or 4,000 years worth of media waiting to be unlocked. It also represents a growing frustration that users are facing as they try to make sense all their video.

New Feature Tackles Action Camera Video Content Dilemma
Magisto's Action Camera storytelling feature called Magisto for Windows is a direct response to this issue. A user simply plugs an action camera into a computer and Magisto automatically transforms the video on the camera into a movie. It then notifies the user when to watch, edit or share the movie from their Smartphone. To achieve this, Magisto for Windows copies lengthy footage to the computer and uploads it to the cloud where the content is analyzed and intuitively split into events based on intelligent ID of subject matter. The application then takes those events and creates epic tales that go far beyond simple video highlights turning any frustrated GoPro user from editing zero to "storytelling hero." Magisto for Mac is coming soon.

"I have spent thousands of hours on the slopes of mountains around the world and I've captured many of my experiences on video for both my family and friends, and of course, my fans," said two-time Extreme Skiing World Champion, Chris Davenport. "The challenge has been to extract all these ultra cool moments into a story that conveys the excitement and thrill of the ride. Magisto takes all this sweet footage and makes a video of my personal story set to the perfect music and my narrative."

The Secret Behind Building Powerful Stories
Magisto's industry first Narration Algorithm, designed to extract dialogue and narrative, is yet another story-driven way for users to produce and share their life experiences. The algorithm, currently featured in Magisto's new Storyteller theme, will be incorporated into Magisto's complete library of themes in the coming weeks.

"Video storytelling is far different from a video summary or highlighting tool in that the true storyteller is able to create emotional impact for their audience," said Oren Boiman, CEO of Magisto. "With Magisto, our users are expressing themselves in ways that were previously impossible for everyday people to do. Their ability to convey subjective emotional perspective in the way they experience their lives is at the heart of everything we do and our new narration algorithm is a giant step towards that end."

One of Magisto's secrets for creating emotionally impactful video stories lies in the application's innovative artificial intelligence "storyengine" designed to analyze, understand, and extract the basic storytelling building blocks from a user's personal videos and photos. Like a professional editor, the storyengine knits together relevant story attributes, including story arc, character development, sense of place, and emotional perspective.

About Magisto
The world's most popular video storytelling application with over 70 million users, Magisto automatically turns your photos and videos into beautiful, professional-looking movies.  Magisto is driven by patented artificial intelligence technology that selects the most compelling moments from your digital videos and photos and automatically edits them together to create powerful, highly shareable movies that vividly express your personal stories with customized themes, styles, and music. Magisto is available for iOS, Android, PC and the Web at

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