MagMe Announces Digital Publishing and Advertising Platform Launch

Light beta launch is the first step in the company's platform developed to standardize digital magazine advertising and publishing

Jun 02, 2010, 14:11 ET from MagMe

VANCOUVER, June 2 /PRNewswire/ -- MagMe, an innovator in the digital publishing and advertising industry, will launch its revolutionary digital platform in New York City next week. Promising to transform the digital advertising and publishing landscape, the light beta launch of MagMe provides readers, publishers and advertisers a taste of what to expect with the full platform launch scheduled for fall 2010.

MagMe will showcase its platform publicly for the first time on June 7, 2010 in New York City at the FOLIO:Show 2010.  FOLIO, the premiere event in North America for magazine professionals, will run through June 9. MagMe publishing partners will be featured on the platform throughout the show.

MagMe aims to combine the best of what print and digital media have to offer.  The light beta platform launch will introduce leaders in the print, digital publishing and advertising industries to the many features of the MagMe platform, including:

  • Increased revenue generating capabilities using existing print advertising and editorial content.
  • Flexible, customized and cost-effective options for enhanced connection and control between users, advertisers and publishers
  • Cross-platform capability and ease of integration into any existing online offerings

When asked about how MagMe will alter the digital publishing and advertising industry, MagMe President and Founder Ken Huang commented:

MagMe is ultimately aiming to standardize the magazine industry's digital advertising model – the hardest challenge currently faced by publishers. Our publishing platform provides a solid supporting foundation to our core business of designing an advertising platform that will generate additional and sustainable online revenue for publishers and advertisers whilst maintaining existing publisher-advertiser print relationship dynamic.

With the full platform launch scheduled for fall 2010, readers of publications on the MagMe platform will experience an innovative digital reader that incorporates:

  • An immersive content experience, including superior visuals and highly intuitive navigational and viewing features
  • Sophisticated online shopping capabilities
  • Connectivity, timely updates and information sharing by way of social media tools

Mr. Huang also added that:

"Today's digital readers are looking for engaging and interactive content experience. They want to navigate magazines in innovative ways, interact with editorial content through multimedia offerings and engage with advertising content such as 360-degree object rotation. The MagMe platform enables content producers the capability to provide this very experience for readers."

If you are a member of the media and want more information on MagMe, please contact:  Joanna Black, p: 646-912-2681. If you are a publisher and wish to receive more information about partnering with MagMe – or to arrange for a demo – please contact: Albert Kurniadi:  p: 778-938-2387.

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