Main Street Bondholders Launches New Radio Campaign Urging Governor Garcia Padilla to Take Constructive Action during Remaining Tenure

Dec 16, 2015, 14:10 ET from Main Street Bondholders

WASHINGTON, Dec. 16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Main Street Bondholders launches a new radio campaign in Puerto Rico, featuring Main Street Bondholders member Teresa Garcia.

In the ad, Garcia highlights the plight facing all small Puerto Rico bondholders, who stand to lose their life savings. She says:

"I am like thousands of Puerto Ricans that have worked hard and invested our savings in Puerto Rican bonds. We have paid our taxes, and investing in Puerto Rican bonds we help Puerto Rico progress… You are turning your back on us if you don't pay your obligations."


"Soy como miles de puertorriqueños que han trabajado fuerte e invertido nuestros ahorros en Bonos de Puerto Rico.  Hemos pagado nuestras contribuciones e invirtiendo en Bonos de Puerto Rico hemos ayudado a que Puerto Rico ProgreseUsted está dándonos la espalda si usted no paga sus obligaciones."

The radio ad urges Governor Garcia Padilla to use his remaining tenure to take constructive action toward working with bondholders and repairing the Island's financial credibility and transparency.

"Congress has sent a clear message to Governor Garcia Padilla and the Puerto Rican government: 'Get your house in order,'" said Garcia. "The threat of a Federal Control Board is very real, and the Governor needs to turn his focus to restoring our financial credibility by respecting the Constitution, instilling financial transparency, and continuing to pay obligations on time."

Listen to the ad on the Main Street Bondholders website.

Main Street Bondholders Coalition is a project of the 60 Plus Association, and is comprised of small bondholders from across America who are committed to a policy process that returns Puerto Rico to sound financial management, respect for the rule of law, and the protection of their retirement savings.



SOURCE Main Street Bondholders