Maizi Education Invited to SXSWedu, Speaking for Innovation in Chinese Education

Mar 14, 2016, 09:00 ET from Maizi Education

BEIJING, March 14, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Maizi Education, the leading Internet education firm in China, was invited to attend SXSWedu, one of the world's largest educational technology summits, held between March 7th and 10th in Austin, Texas. During the summit, Maizi Education founder and CEO Zhang Linghua as well as co-founder and COO Zhang Fuhai shared their exploration into innovation in the educational sector and insights on innovative applications of virtual reality (VR) devices with international education giants and leaders from companies at the forefront of innovation in education. In addition, attendees were given the opportunity to experience the most cutting-edge educational equipment.

As the leading Internet vocational education brand in China, Maizi Education has been leading the transformation of online education through its innovative intelligent online learning system LPS (Learning Process System), the new, groundbreaking O2W (Online to Work) vocational education model, the opening of a business center in Silicon Valley, US and the pioneering development of smart wearables, including the Maizi Watch. Since its inception in June 2012, Maizi Education has recorded more than 5,000 hours in educational programming and their students in the aggregate have spent more than 10 million hours online listening to and interacting with the course materials. The firm has performed substantially better than industry peers with a completion rate of 80 per cent, satisfaction rate of 97 per cent and employment rate of 96 per cent.

During the event, both the CEO and COO attended the "VR and education" roundtable, sharing their insights with attendees on innovative applications of virtual reality (VR) devices. The CEO said, "As an alternative to textbooks, AR, VR, gesture control and other cutting-edge technologies are changing students' cognitive styles and providing huge opportunities for innovation in the educational process. Yet, as we move forward, the implementation of these technologies need to focus on scenario-based applications, which will be supported by insights into essential learning needs. As an innovator with the most comprehensive understanding of teaching logic, Maizi Education will continue to introduce these technologies into different scenarios by developing updated versions of the smart wearable Maizi Watch and the intelligent online education system LPS. We believe that Maizi Education will become one of the first Chinese companies to improve the level and rate of student achievement by combing VR technology with the teaching process."

In addition, the two Maizi Education executives discussed their experience around the intelligent management of the teaching process with leading global innovative educator Aleks. In 2014, Maizi Education developed the LPS intelligent online education process management system, which enables the automatic generation of curricula, dynamic management of student progress, real-time monitoring and guidance from tutors, data-driven intelligent matching, machine learning optimization systems, continuous stimulation through class ranking, real-time interaction through personalized learning, and complete data on the learning outcome. In March of this year, Maizi Education launched the LPS3.0 version, which features front-loading learning tasks, increased practice, humorous updates and 360-degree outcome management, and has become an efficient tool which allows students to leverage intelligent learning methods and more effectively monitor their progress while allowing them to evaluate the effectiveness of the program.

In addition to attending the SXSW conference, the two executives from Maizi Education plan to engage in exchanges with their peers Coursera and Udacity. They will also visit Stanford and Harvard universities where they plan to discuss the latest innovations in teaching and teaching techniques, as well as China's cutting-edge concepts for innovation in online education with their US peers.

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