Major Players Releases Top Tips for Improving Your LinkedIn Profile

Oct 24, 2012, 12:04 ET from Randstad

LONDON, October 24, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

Building a great profile on LinkedIn is often as important for your current career as it is for finding your next job.

Major Players, the No.1 recruiter for creative jobs, offers you their three top tips for creating a standout profile on LinkedIn.

1. Add a good photo

"My first tip is to have a really nice picture on your LinkedIn profile. People are much more likely to want to LinkIn with you, to look at your profile and interact with you. If you have a picture it's like interacting with a person as opposed to just a profile."

2. Describe your skills in your job title section

"My next tip would be on the title section of your profile - this is the bit underneath your name.

"I would say that a lot of people just put simply what their job title is, but it would be far more effective if you actually use that section to describe what you do.

"So for example, someone who I might recruit might have their title section as 'Account Manager specialising in Digital & Direct Marketing'."

3. Get recommendations from clients

"Another really good tip is to get as many recommendations as you can, and I would say don't just get recommendations from your colleagues.

"It's quite easy to get the person who sits opposite you or next to you or who you are mates with to write you a recommendation but it doesn't actually mean that much.

"If you can get recommendations from people who perhaps are clients that you've worked with, who can talk about a particular project that you've worked on, and what your involvement was in that and why it was so successful that would mean so much more than just a recommendation from a friend, relative, or the person that sits next to you!"

To view a video of our top tips for your LinkedIn profile or for more advice on LinkedIn and your career visit the Major Players website.

SOURCE Randstad