Major Report Shows Problematic Developments in the Struggle Against al Qaeda and Associated Movements

May 25, 2011, 10:22 ET from American Security Project

American Security Project releases its "Are We Winning?" 2010 Report

WASHINGTON, May 25, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The American Security Project (ASP) today published the latest report in its signature series titled "Are We Winning? Measuring the Progress in the Struggle against al Qaeda and Associated Movements" (AWW). The report series is the first metric-driven assessment of the progress in the fight against al Qaeda.

Senator Gary Hart, Chairman of ASP, stated: "Now, more than ever, our political and military leaders need to make hard decisions about our progress in the fight against terrorism and what direction we will take as a nation.  'Are We Winning?' reaffirms our need to meet this challenge."

Bernard Finel, ASP Senior Fellow and author of the report, said: "Osama Bin Laden is dead. But the evidence shows that al Qaeda is more than one man. Developments tracked in this report give us reason for continued concern about developments beyond Pakistan, especially in Yemen and Somalia."

Finel, continued: "The report also shows that 2010 was a turbulent year with increased concern over both homegrown terrorists and anti-Muslim sentiment in the United States. Against this domestic backdrop, radical Islamist terror attacks world-wide are at all-time highs. Killing bin Laden was an important victory in the fight against al Qaeda and, for certain, there have been other tactical gains as well. But the word that best describes this fight, now in its eleventh year, is 'stalemate.'"

"Are We Winning?" (AWW) is an annual report released by the American Security Project to assess U.S. progress in the "war on terror." The goal in the AWW series is to provide empirical data as the foundation of reasoned discussion and principled debate. To this end, ASP has developed ten criteria to measure progress – or lack of progress – in the struggle against anti-American Islamist terror groups such as al Qaeda. Some of the key findings in AWW show that developments on the homefront in 2010 were especially problematic as both domestic radicalization and anti-Muslim sentiment increased. To learn more about the key facts and findings in AWW 2010, click here to read the full report and click here to read the factsheet.

Dr. Jim Ludes, Executive Director of ASP, commented: "The data in 'Are We Winning?' tells an unnerving story. Our elected officials and those charged with protecting American's security need to respond with purpose and foresight, recognizing that the debate around who gets credit for killing bin Laden isn't nearly as important as how we achieve security in the face of an endless threat. ASP stands ready to support that public discussion."

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