Major worldwide market event, the DEMO Conference is coming to Brazil for the first time, opening space for new Startups

"DEMO Brasil" will take place from June 25th to 26th in Sao Paulo - Brazil. Registration is now open at

Jan 24, 2013, 08:00 ET from DEMO Brasil

SAO PAULO, Jan. 24, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- On June 25 - 26, 2013, Sao Paulo will host the first edition of "DEMO Brasil," the most important gathering of entrepreneurs and investors on the planet, promoting innovation in the technology market and the launching of up-and-coming new trends. Among the first supporters of DEMO Brasil are Endeavor, Anjos do Brasil, Insper, FIT, Silicon House, Abradi and ABStartup.

DEMO, which has been produced in the United States by IDG Enterprise for over 20 years, has provided a venue for releasing new innovations, and deserves the credit for introducing to the market companies and products that have made history, such as, Adobe Acrobat, Netscape and TIVO, among hundreds of others. In addition to Brazil, the event will also take place in Singapore, China, India, Africa and Russia. The Latin American edition is a global initiative of IDG, with Grupo Now Digital Business as its partner representing IDG Enterprise in Brazil, along with BEATS Brasil, a more specialized Event Agency for the Information Technology and Communication segment.

Startups get a chance to make their pitch at DEMO Brasil

In addition to having a stand at DEMO Brasil, startups will have an additional opportunity to prove that their model is innovative, in face-to-face encounters with investors.  To this end, the event will divide entrepreneurs into two groups:  

- DEMONSTRATORS: startups with a product that is ready now, in the testing phase, or a beta version, preferably with a prototype.  Each one will have six minutes to make a pitch. There will be about 30 startups, selected by a Committee prior to the event, and only six winners, with five of them chosen by a panel of judges, and the other one by a vote of the audience present.  Only one will be the overall winner.  

- ALPHA PITCH: high school and university students with innovative ideas, without being required to have a product, will have 90 seconds to pitch to the audience and investors.  About ten students will be selected to make a presentation at DEMO, with one overall winner.

The champion of each group will win a place in the Summer Program/2013 at Silicon House (held between July and August, 2013), where they will stay for 28 days receiving all necessary support for the development and enhancement of their business, including their relationship with all of Silicon Valley. The winning startup will also receive R$500,000 worth of coverage in IDG Brasil media outlets, among other prizes. Registrations should be completed by March 30th.

For investors, first-hand access to innovative business opportunities

Over the past 20 years, more than 1,500 companies have made their pitch at DEMO, launching their products and ideas.  In the last four years alone, more than 40 participants have been purchased by major technology groups.  In addition, 22% of the participants have received investments within 60 days after making their pitch at the conference; 92% of the companies that secured investment did so within no more than 9 months after appearing at the event, while 62% of the participants who secured investment got at least one million dollars from venture capitalists and angels.  

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