Makara Announces Limited Availability of Makara Cloud(TM) for JBoss(R)

Makara Defines a New Standard for Cloud Application Platform and Developer Self-Service Solutions

Jun 22, 2010, 06:10 ET from Makara

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., June 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Makara™, a leading provider of Cloud Application Platform Solutions, today announced Makara Cloud for JBoss. Makara has developed an innovative solution for moving and managing both existing and new JBoss apps in the cloud. The Makara platform provides developers with self-service capabilities to provision development and test environments with elastic scaling, built-in monitoring, log aggregation, and complete auditing of all changes. A limited number of invitations are available immediately to JBoss developers.

Speed is Critical

Application teams need to rapidly create JBoss development and test environments. Agile projects need on-demand access to servers and a library of software components. It is too costly and slow for system administrators to setup, scale, configure, manage, and tear down these environments. A vanilla JBoss image without scaling, monitoring, security, or change audit is not sufficient.

Cloud Application Platform is an emerging software category that reflects the demand for solutions to help developers and IT staffs successfully migrate and manage the explosion of applications by taking advantage of the cloud. Early attempts to solve the problem have only addressed some elements of the required solution and have often required extensive scripting or changes to the application. Some tools help migrate an application to the cloud, but then offer little beyond deployment. Other products support a single function but do not address the developer's complete need.

About the Makara Solution

Makara Cloud for JBoss is a self-service portal for application teams to create development and test environments on public or private clouds. Makara delivers cloud provisioning, elastic scaling, built-in monitoring, easy stack configuration, log aggregation, and complete auditing of all changes. Makara features drag-and-drop on-boarding and portability among public and private cloud infrastructure. Makara makes it easy to move applications through the lifecycle of development, test and production. Makara Cloud includes powerful tools that enable IT to assume control and direct cloud usage. IT retains central control over accounting, permissions, policies, and application lifecycle. Even if IT is not initially involved in application migration and management, Makara enables IT staff to engage these features at a later time.

"To avoid the cloud 'boomerang' effect, it's crucial that a robust application management framework be integrated into the application," said Bernard Golden, the Cloud Computing Advisor for CIO Magazine, and a frequent speaker at cloud computing events worldwide. "Makara's approach is exactly right -- focus on leveraging cloud capabilities while ensuring the long-term success of the application via support and management."

Featured at JBoss World

Makara is announcing Makara Cloud for JBoss at JBoss World in Boston, June 22-25, 2010. As part of the Developer Insights track, Makara CEO Issac Roth has been invited by Red Hat® to give a presentation entitled "Build Your Own JBoss Cloud" on Friday, June 25th at 11am. Makara is also exhibiting at the conference and will show Makara Cloud for JBoss running on Amazon® EC2 and a private cloud based on Red Hat® Virtualization™. "JBoss World® is a unique venue to share our perspective with key developers on the need for rock-solid Cloud Application Management," said Tobias Kunze Briseno, Makara CTO. "Makara Cloud was built from the ground up to support JBoss apps in the cloud and adapt to the customer's applications, not the other way around."

Rapidly Emerging Market

Technology analyst firms are increasing focused on the Cloud Application Platform market. According to a recent Gartner® report that included Makara, 'Cool Vendors in Cloud Management, 2010', "... there is rising interest among infrastructure and operations professionals in building private clouds or using the public cloud for overdraft or virtual private clouds." According to the 451 Group®, "Makara ... is among a new breed of application management players intent on simplifying and smoothing the deployment of software applications in cloud computing environments, both public and private ... Makara has strong partnerships and a strong proposition for organizations focused on building and deploying cloud computing applications."

"There is tremendous pressure today for development teams to create and launch new applications by using the cloud. Enterprises want the high level of manageability, scaling, and security they have come to expect," said Makara CEO Issac Roth. "Makara Cloud for JBoss enables developers to get the best of both worlds.

Pricing and Availability

Makara Cloud will include both on-premise and on-demand editions and is scheduled for general availability in the third quarter of 2010. Makara on-demand is cloud-priced with a per-server-hour fee. A few slots are still available in the Limited Availability program. For more information, please visit or call +1 (650) 249-4862.

About Makara

Makara is an innovative provider of PHP and Java Cloud Application Platforms. Makara Cloud helps developers quickly and easily move applications to the cloud, without modifications. It is also a self-service portal for creating development and test environments on public or private cloud infrastructure. The application provides cloud provisioning, elastic scaling, built-in monitoring, easy stack configuration, log aggregation, and change audit. Makara is headquartered in Redwood City, CA. For more information, please call +1 (650) 472-3964, or visit Makara, the Makara logo and the marks relating to Makara products and services referenced herein, are either trademarks or registered trademarks of Makara, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.