Make An Angling Ace Out Of Dad In 2014 With Father's Day Gifts From Rapala®

Lures, Accessories and More to Outfit His On-the-water Adventures

May 15, 2014, 09:00 ET from Rapala

MINNETONKA, Minn., May 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- A welcome change from the cliched necktie or bottle of cologne, this Father's Day, help dear old dad satisfy his thirst for aquatic adventure with the gift of best-in-class gear from Rapala® and Respected Rapala Brands.

Whether he's an experienced angler or just beginning to discover the sport, Rapala and Respected Rapala Brands offer a wide variety of premium baits, tools, accessories and apparel perfect for outfitting both fresh and saltwater sportsmen.  

The following are just a few great gift options from the angling world's top brands.

Rapala® Scatter Rap® Crank Deep & Shallow
When Rapala introduced the Scatter Rap® Series, the angling game changed forever, thanks to the lures' one-of-a-kind Scatter Lip and evasive, erratic swimming action. Now, the brand unleashes the new Scatter Rap Crank Deep and Scatter Rap Crank Shallow, leaving fish nowhere to hide.

A gift that will have pops hookin' hawgs like never before, the Scatter Rap Deep features an elongated lip that allows the lure to dive quickly and work the deep part of the water column, while its counterpart's shorter lip design brings the Scatter Rap's irresistible action to the shallow 4-to-5-foot depth range.

Especially potent when targeting Bass, the lures' compact balsa bodies deliver a responsive action that searches from side to side on the retrieve, mimicking a baitfish fleeing attack and triggering strikes from multiple game species.

A can't-miss Father's Day gift, this is one of few times dad will appreciate you giving him some lip.

Suggested retail price: $8.99

Rapala® Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife
At double the speed and three times the power of average electric fillet knives, the Rapala® Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife will help dad make quick work of any filleting chore.

He'll love the knife's control and power, and with twice the blade speed of lesser fillets, the old man will cleanly and quickly slice through rib and backbones faster than ever, taking the hassle out of cleaning Walleye, Salmon, Trout and other large game species.

Featuring a relaxed grip for fatigue-free filleting, the knife's 8-foot power cord provides ample opportunity to maneuver around the fillet table when preparing the day's catch for the evening's feast.

The Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife's custom airflow body design keeps its motor running cool, while reducing vibration. Dishwasher safe for convenient cleanup, this electric fillet comes with 7-1/2 inch blades — an excellent size for any species from Panfish to Pike and everything in between.

Suggested retail price: $62.09

Williamson Heavy Duty Saltwater Tools and Fillet Knives
When it comes to saltwater fishing, the designers at Williamson know it's crucial to have tools that can withstand saltwater elements trip after trip.

Whether he needs to cut heavy wire or fishing line, change out split rings or remove a buried hook from an angry fish, dad is sure to get plenty of use out of Williamson's new saltwater tools.

From the Williamson Double Leverage Cutters and Double Leverage Pliers to Williamson Mono Shears and Split Ring Pliers, each tool includes comfortable ergonomic grips and is crafted with stainless or carbon steel for extra corrosion resistance.

With this line of Williamson tools, dad will be able to rig with ease, efficiency and comfort, leaving more time to chase his next catch.

Suggested retail price: $16.49$51.99

He'll also love Williamson saltwater fillet knives designed by Marttiini, a legendary Finnish blade manufacturer that has produced Rapala's industry-best knives for decades.

Available in three models — including the Curved Fillet, Straight Fillet and Slim Fillet — each knife features a razor-sharp edge perfect for making quick work out of cleaning delicate Flounder, Yellowfin Tuna and other coveted saltwater species.

Suggested retail price: $32.99$38.99

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