Make Sure Holiday Decorations are as Safe as they are Beautiful, says Fire Protection Group, Inc.

Lights and other electronically-based decorations need to be maintained properly to prevent seasonal fire hazards

Dec 03, 2012, 13:25 ET from Fire Protection Group, Inc.

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- It's the holidays and, for all kinds of businesses and residences, that means it's also time for holiday decorations. Fire Protection Group, Inc. is taking the opportunity to remind managers and owners that some decorations represent potential hazards and they need to remain vigilant. FPG Inc., which provides complete fire protection consulting services, has seen what happens when businesses don't heed this kind of advice and is taking the opportunity to remind all concerned of the special importance of fire safety measures during the holiday season.

To begin with, all standard safety precautions, such as appropriate fire extinguisher inspection, need to be handled with great care and attention to detail. Moreover, businesses and multi-family residences must be mindful of NPFA 25 standards in the implementation of fire prevention and safety measures.

Of course, the use of special holiday lighting represents an added element that can bring its own dangers. It's also important that businesses and residences should regularly examine holiday lights to check for bare spots, problems with insulation, or sockets that may be broken or cracked. Wires also need to be checked to be sure they are not dangerously tangled or nonfunctional. Obviously, products that may not be properly tested from less reputable manufacturers should be avoided at all costs. Finally, it's crucial that outlets are not overloaded with electrical inputs.

Fire Protection Group, Inc. founder George Saadian has spent over thirty years working in the field of fire suppression. Together with his colleague and retired fire chief Al Hernandez, he helped revise many of the local codes and standards currently in place. Few people are as knowledgeable of the various ins and outs of fire safety and code compliance. Mr. Saadian has been providing detailed advice and assistance on projects that range from single family homes to shopping centers and skyscraping office buildings. Having worked for so long with so many businesses, Mr. Saadian and his cohorts have had a great deal of experience advising companies on the special circumstances regarding fire protection systems that can arise over the holidays.

Whatever steps managers and owners of buildings takes over the holiday season, safety now is especially important. Especially for businesses that are open to the public and residences and office buildings where holiday celebrations may be taking place, the larger number of occupants of buildings over this period makes taking every conceivable step for fire prevention and safety all that much more important.

For detail on all stages of fire safety and prevention this holiday season, please contact Fire Protection Group, Inc. via phone at 888-251-3488 or through its website at

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