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Feb 05, 2013, 12:42 ET from Beverly Hills Cab Co.

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- When visiting major metropolises like New York City or London, the tourist covers much ground by utilizing the subway or the tube. While Los Angeles features its own public transit system, the Los Angeles metro is not always the most practical means of making one's way about the entire city. Los Angeles residents and those who have spent a decent amount of time in Southern California know that Los Angeles is polycentric - that is, full of major regions boasting individual personalities. Melrose, with its vintage shops and rock n' roll appeal, the fine dining and theatres of Mid-Wilshire, or the laid-back beach vibe of Venice offer Los Angeles visitors many ways of enjoying  their leisure time. To make sure one experiences a fun-filled trip, the traveler is best advised to recruit leading Los Angeles taxi service, Beverly Hills Cab Co., in visiting all of the glamorous and awe-inspiring locations on his or her travel itinerary.

With its recent improvements, the Los Angeles metro is often useful. However, the tourist risks unforeseen delays when traveling the various metro lines. There is less of a gamble involved with recruiting multiple rides from a taxi Los Angeles thrill-seekers can rely on. With Beverly Hills Cab Co., the vacationer can enjoy a full day of culture or a night on the town that consists of multiple stops. Through placing a single call, the customer procures a speedy LAX taxi and is transported swiftly to the hotel or his first engagement. He or she can take a tour of Hollywood, West Hollywood, Westwood, or a combination of regions that are widespread, yet a hop, skip, and a jump for the Beverly Hills Cab Co. professional operating the vehicle.

Instead of securing a rental car, the couple visiting Los Angeles can really let their hair down and take full advantage of the nightlife when designating a driver at Beverly Hills Cab Co. With over forty years in the taxi business, Beverly Hills Cab Co. drivers possess a detailed knowledge of Los Angeles' surface streets and highways and stay abreast of the hottest restaurants and clubs in the greater Los Angeles area. Similarly, the cabbies build extensive mental logs of historic landmarks and locations, offering suggestions when learning of the customer's particular tastes and interests. The Beverly Hills Cab Co. representative is not only a proficient driver but acts as a mobile travel guide for those new to Los Angeles.

While Los Angeles is currently the most congested American city in terms of traffic, a carefully planned trip and the superlative transportation services of Beverly Hills Cab Co. ensures that the tourist will arrive at all of their travel destinations. Beverly Hills Cab Co. also serves local residents in need of rides to the airport, to medical appointments, grocery store, or any number of other places.

To reserve a Beverly Hills Cab Co. pick-up in Hollywood, Westwood, Mid-Wilshire, Brentwood, Culver City, Century City, West Hollywood, or Beverly Hills, call 800-398-5221 today. 

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