Make Your Summer Romance Last a Lifetime with the King of Jewelry

Within the collection of engagement rings at King of Jewelry, you'll find the perfect gem with which to steal your true love's heart.

Jul 18, 2013, 19:37 ET from King of Jewelry

LOS ANGELES, July 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- It should come as no surprise that King of Jewelry has garnered a reputation as the premier destination for those looking to turn their summer romance into a lifelong affair. While their collection of princess and cushion cut engagement rings are equally majestic, these popular styles are only a few examples of the King's regal gems. With art-deco-inspired asscher cut engagement rings, King of Jewelry has also proven to be the majesty of upscale style that any potential bride would find irresistible. Meanwhile, their signature yellow diamond engagement rings are equally exquisite, with a splash of breathtaking color that is sure to stir the longings of any heart.

The warm, sunny days of summer lead many to reflect on the carefree days of their youth. While summer vacation seemed to stretch on endlessly for children, as we enter our teen years, many of us come to appreciate long summer days and warm, fun-filled summer nights all the more. In many cases, these are the experiences that lead to lifelong memories, when romance begins to bloom for the first time. For some, these summer romances even lead to one of the most important moments in anyone's life – their wedding proposal. When the day finally arrives, lovers can drop to one knee and pledge undying love with confidence by presenting a dazzling diamond ring from King of Jewelry to their significant other.

For over 18 years, King of Jewelry has lived up to its name by providing jewelry that features the sort of stunning gems that would look right at home among royalty across the globe. Today, those who are looking for the perfect expression of their love can find it among the King's storied collection of diamond earrings, diamond wedding rings, eternity rings and of course, engagement rings.

Recently, the Steve Elliot Marketing Research agency conducted a survey on marriage proposals and found some interesting information – a significant 80% of respondents considered a diamond ring to be the factor that seals the engagement. While the strength of a diamond engagement ring's beauty and symbolism should come as no surprise, the responsible, logical adult within us is happy to see precisely how effective a gem from King of Jewelry can truly be. Their designers utilize advanced computer technology to set the perfect mold for their jewelry, while their substantial online presence has allowed them to expand their kingdom while also providing affordable prices.  

For many, the carefree days of summers past are a distant memory today – replaced with the worries and responsibilities of a full-time job and the stresses of adult life. However, even though we're all older and more stable than we once were, the romance and beauty of exquisite diamond jewelry should never be excluded from our lives. With King of Jewelry, the romantic spirit of your youthful self and your cost-conscious, responsible adult identity can live in perfect harmony. Check out A friendly customer service representative can also be reached by calling King of Jewelry at 888-349-8299.

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