Making personal art from sound: Born of Sound launches today

Unveils "sound-form™" to visualize any recordable sound, if you could see it, in nature

Mar 19, 2013, 06:00 ET from Born of Sound

SAN FRANCISCO, March 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- What does sound look like? Two artist/makers from San Francisco set out to find out, and now Ashik and Jenelle Mohan have created a way to visualize sound as it would look, if you could see it.

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The result is a sound-form. Today the husband and wife team launch Born of Sound,, an online shop and gallery for the creation of custom, one of a kind art, made from sound. 

Any recordable sound can be transformed into a sound-form: a simple "I love you"; a favorite song; wedding vows; the sound of a child's laugh; the pop of a cork, even the sound of a baby's heartbeat.

What is a sound-form?  
A sound-form makes the audible, a visible piece of artwork. "Mechanical vibrations travel through various mediums, such as air. We hear these vibrations, but don't normally see them. Picture your exhale on a cold morning, it's a fluid organic movement—that's how a sound-form looks. A sound-form is the physical embodiment of your sound, turned into a piece of artwork," says Ashik, by day a noted biomedical engineer.

First legacy sound-form, "Heartbeat" captures fetal heartbeat 
The Mohans' first sound-form, "Heartbeat", captures the sound of their baby's fetal heartbeat—hence the name Born of Sound. The artists have also created sound-forms of other life moments such as their daughter's first giggle. "You only get to hear that special sound once," says Jenelle, "and now we get to keep it, displayed on our wall." 

How it works
Sounds may be recorded on the website, or on any other recording device (iPhone, iPad, cell phone, etc.) and uploaded to Sounds may also be extracted from previously made recordings (video, old vinyl records). Users upload the sound and choose their own colors and size of artwork. 

About Born of Sound
San Francisco Bay Area-based Born of Sound enables users to share special moments, or sound stories, through a new form of art and sound called a sound-form. A sound-form makes the audible, visible. Users upload sounds they have recorded, or own, to capture and preserve special moments. Any recordable sound may be transformed into a sound-form. Sound-forms make thoughtful gifts and legacy artwork, enabling storytelling in a new medium for all sound-creators. Founded by Ashik Mohan and Jenelle Mohan, Born of Sound proudly makes in the USA.

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