Making the Connection with the WiBE 3G Router

Nov 08, 2012, 08:19 ET from Westbase Technology

CARDIFF, Wales, November 8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

Westbase Technology today announces the launch of the new WiBE HS21 and WiBE Pro 3G Routers, delivering the best possible mobile broadband connectivity for communities and businesses, especially in broadband slow spots and not-spots.

The WiBE HS21 and WiBE Pro incorporate smart antennae technology developed by Deltenna, making it a 3G Router unlike any other. It delivers the fastest and most reliable mobile broadband connection for use in the home or workplace and even in the most remote or rural locations, often outperforming fixed line connections and ensuring that everyday access to the internet is possible.

The WiBE HS21 has been designed for indoor use and is ideal for customers who struggle with a broadband slow spot or not-spot and require a simple and easy to use 3G Router. The WiBE Pro has been designed for outdoor environments with its rugged housing and weatherproof enclosure making it an excellent choice for permanent or temporary business and enterprise deployments.

The smart antennae technology is the key feature that makes the WiBE unique. The WiBEs high gain directional antenna array tests the connection speed from all available 3G base stations, selecting the best connection for data throughput. The WiBE continues network scanning to ensure that the connection is maintained at all times.

Dr Andrew Fox, Chief Executive Officer at Deltenna said, 'Working with Westbase has been vital in getting the WiBE out to the marketplace, it's a router unlike any other with connectivity proven in places where there was simply no mobile broadband option before'.

Sacha Kakad, Chief Executive Officer at Westbase Technology said, 'Our partnership with Deltenna means that we can offer customers a unique product that is actively helping to bridge the digital divide in rural communities, whilst providing a primary and back-up connectivity solution to businesses and enterprise users'.

The WiBE delivers reliable and optimised connections for intensive bandwidth services like video streaming or CCTV monitoring. Suitable for use in the workplace, it can be deployed quickly and easily, giving instant internet access to permanent or temporary set ups including offices and construction sites.

Remote and rural locations are where the WiBE excels, with the smart antennae technology regularly outperforming fixed line connections and other devices, often receiving a 3G signal up to 3 times stronger than other 3G routers and dongles.

Self-configuration and the simplicity of plug and play means that anyone can install and use a WiBE within a matter of minutes.

For those who want to connect in areas of challenging 3G coverage, or simply want to use a device that is aware of network congestion and eliminates base station interference to receive the best signal available, or to significantly improve data performance at home or in the workplace, the WiBE is the simple choice for making the connection.

WiBE HS21 MSRP is £289+VAT with the WiBE Pro MSRP at £499+VAT. For further details visit or contact Westbase Technology on +44 (0)1291 430 567 or via

Notes to Editor

  • The WiBE (Wireless Broadband Extender) uses multi-beam antenna technology to extend the range and throughput of a 3G mobile network, taking the Internet to places where it hasn't gone before.
  • WiBE HS21 and WiBE Pro Specifications can be found online at
  • Westbase Technology is a leading European distributor of specialist communication products for use in machine to machine (M2M) networks, device networking, wireless broadband and digital signage.
  • For 25 years businesses across Europe have trusted the highly experienced team at Westbase to deliver their connectivity enabling solutions, with customers from all sectors of industry including: energy; healthcare; security; transport; banking; retail and government. For more information about Westbase visit:, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.
  • Deltenna designs and manufactures innovative wireless infrastructure and access points, its key technology and expertise is in the design of radio and antenna solutions.
  • Deltenna's products are currently in use across the globe by a range of customers in the fields of public safety and emergency response and are also extensively used for testing and trials of new technologies, including LTE.

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