Marilyn Monroe was Discovered 70 Years Ago; Book Released With Unseen Pictures

Nov 30, 2015, 10:00 ET from Bennies Fifties

THE HAGUE, the Netherlands, November 30, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

Twenty-five years ago the Dutch Pickers Ben and Astrid Franse were shopping for vintage items for their shop Bennies Fifties in the Netherlands. "We travel the USA frequently in search of jukeboxes, vintage gas pumps and other American collectibles. During one of our trips in 1990 we bought a box with newspaper clippings and Marilyn pictures, but without really looking at the content. We thought it was from a collector." Back in The Netherlands they stored it under a desk. They thought they would look into it when they had the time. But as those things often go, time went by and the box remained untouched.

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Twenty years later (fifty years after Marilyn passed away) they sorted it out and finally found out what had been hiding under their desk all along. It was the archive of Miss Snively, the owner of the Blue Book Agency that discovered Marilyn Monroe (Norma Jean).

Completely obsessed with the archive, Astrid decided it needed to be shared with the countless Marilyn fans in the world. "For weeks we have been busy to sort through the contents. It's a treasure of undiscovered details about those years of Marilyn's career. There is much known about Marilyn's movie period and childhood, but not about that time in between."

The just released book "Before Marilyn" tells all about this nearly unknown period of Marilyn's modeling career. There would probably never have been a Marilyn Monroe without Miss Sniveley's vision for Norma Jean. She coached and transformed her during her modeling period and supported her when Marilyn started her movie career. This year it has been seventy years since Marilyn Monroe was discovered by Miss Snively.

After Marilyn died in 1962, Miss Snively gave a television interview after Marilyn's funeral. She ended the interview with the words that she had opened her archive on Marilyn one last time only to 'lock it away forever'.

In the book "Before Marilyn - The Blue Book Modeling Years" all details will be revealed, along with unique, never-before-seen pictures and writings. The book is now available in the UK, The Netherlands and the USA. A documentary about Marilyn's Blue Book years is in full production.

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