Market Insight: Brazil

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Market Insight: Brazil

Brazil is one of the hottest economies in the world, and one of GWI's top four country markets. With huge opportunities for foreign private sector participation and massive government investment programmes, this will become one of the most attractive markets over the coming years.

With capital expenditure on water and wastewater infrastructure in Brazil set to double to $9.9 billion by 2018, Global Water Intelligence Market Insight: Brazil is a must have guide to capitalising on the emerging prospects in this sector and harnessing these opportunities ahead of your competition.

The report covers analyses every facet of the water market in Brazil, covering the water sector structure, challenges, opportunities and forecasts as well as a comprehensive directory of water regulations and a list of almost 100 Brazilian water utilities.

Market drivers and opportunities

Although Brazil does not suffer from water stress, water shortages exist as infrastructure – especially for wastewater treatment – is often poorly maintained. In 2008, the Brazilian government launched a Programme for the Acceleration of Growth to achieve universal water supply and sanitation services.

This has boosted investment in the Brazilian water and wastewater sector in spite of the global recession and this will continue to accelerate over the next 5 years.
This market insight pinpoints the opportunities in this lucrative market:

Private investment – utilities are becoming more proactive in seeking private financing as funds are often slow to reach their destination. We show you how this has opened up opportunities for foreign investors, how you can get involved and how this trend is creating opportunities for foreign companies in the municipal market.
Advanced water treatment technologies – with a trend towards new infrastructure, utilities are becoming more open to investing in advanced water treatment processes. This is opening up opportunities for foreign companies to break into the market with their expertise, as Brazilian companies tend to favour more basic technologies. We pinpoint the best prospects for your water technologies and give you concrete strategies for entering the supply chain.
Public-private partnerships – there is an increasing drive towards public-private partnerships in many municipalities, with a focus on wastewater. This report will investigate how state-owned companies are increasingly delegating wastewater treatment and collection to private operators, creating opportunities for your services in this sector. The report forecasts that this trend will accelerate over the next 5 years and shows you how you can successfully capitalise on this water market development.
Stricter regulations – although Brazil has well-established standards for drinking water quality, historically they have been met with a level of non-compliance. However, recent new parameters will increase compliance and will encourage the adoption of alternative methods for water treatment reuse practices. The report will guide you on the regulations in this market and how current and future regulation changes will create opportunities for your business in both the municipal and industrials sectors.


The Brazil market insight report offers a complete guide to the country's existing regulatory framework and laws, as well as predicting future regulatory scenarios. This report will allow you to understand which current and emerging regulations will create a demand for your technology, and help you plan the expansion of your product portfolio for compliance with future regulations in this market.

This chapter includes:
• Regulatory framework for drinking water, wastewater discharge and reuse
• Drinking water quality regulations
• Municipal and industrial wastewater quality regulations
• Water reuse regulations
• Implementation of regulations and compliance
• Water in industry
• Future regulatory scenario and conclusions
• List of laws, standards and policies - both in their native language and English, with internet links for easy location

Accessing the market

This market insight report gives you invaluable advice from industry insiders on how to do business in this country, so you can break into the market or increase your existing presence.
By interviewing experts who have concrete experience in that country, we reveal how the market works in practice and give you strategies to successfully enter the supply chain, offering:
• Analysis of procurement processes and market penetration strategies
• Supply chain analysis
• A list of key water market players and who your potential partners or competitors will be
• Possible ways to enter the supply chain alongside the dominant market players


A database of almost 100 utilities in Brazil…

We have already highlighted that there are increasing opportunities for the private sector in Brazil, and have given strategies for accessing these opportunities.

The final part of this report will allow you to follow up this advice with concrete sales leads and a deep understanding of each water utility and its service. We give you direct access to and contacts details for each utility and the decision maker where possible.

For each utility you will receive the following information:
• Country
• State
• Utility name
• Address
• Phone
• Website
• General email address
• Water services
• Wastewater services
• Drainage/stormwater service
• Other services
• Service area type
• Service area description
• Ownership type
• Name of the owner/contract operator
• Population served water (number)
• Population served wastewater (number)
• Water connections (number)
• Wastewater connections (number)
• Water pipe network (km)
• Wastewater pipe network (km)
• Name of Head of the organisation
• Job title
• E-mail
• Phone number

Table of contents

Our GWI Market Insight Series gives you everything you need to break into the Brazilian water market or increase your water market share.

The report covers every facet of the water industry in Brazil, including coverage of:
• Context and overview of market challenges
• Water sector organisation and structure
• Water availability and demand
• Municipal water and wastewater infrastructure
• Water finance
• Private sector participation
• Procurement process
• Supply chain analysis
• Current and future key projects
• Future market direction
• Market forecast
• Regulatory framework
• Drinking water quality regulations
• Municipal and industrial wastewater quality regulations
• Water reuse regulations
• Water in Industry
• List of laws, standards and policies
• Database of 94 Brazilian Water Utilities

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Market Insight: Brazil

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