Marketing Weekly infographic shows the benefits of a CMS

Jun 13, 2013, 09:00 ET from Marketing Weekly

CHICAGO, June 13, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Marketing Weekly, a hub for the latest marketing news and online marketing solutions, recently created an infographic that touts the benefits of using a content management system (CMS). It may be difficult for some firms to create an online presence. With the help of a CMS, firms will be able to drive traffic to their sites, blogs, social media platforms and any other means of contact they use to get in touch with their customer base.+


The infographic revealed how a CMS makes it easier for brands to keep their content fresh. Search engines reward businesses with higher rankings on queries if they continue to post articles, blog posts and news outlets. This is where a CMS can truly show its value: allowing companies to constantly update their content and Web page, even without having a full-time designer on staff. With only 32 percent of brands currently using a CMS, the infographic outlined just how much better businesses can make their Web presence by using the innovative solution.

CMS Wire discussed how the business world has changed. Having a mobile strategy was of the utmost importance in years past; now it's all about meeting the needs of customers on a number of different channels. Using a Web CMS gives marketers the ability to have one central platform to carry out all of their online marketing strategies.

"At Marketing Weekly, we know just how powerful a CMS can be for businesses that are trying to build their Web presence," said Nancy Simeone, managing editor for Marketing Weekly. "Our infographic will provide companies that are interested in learning about the potential of a CMS with the knowledge they need. By investing in a CMS, firms will be able to quickly see more customers interacting with their Web platforms."

It has never been more important for businesses to subscribe to the tenets of search engine optimization. When using a CMS, companies will have the ability to properly format links, include plug-ins and, most importantly, quickly publish content, which all fall in line with SEO strategies that can make businesses score higher on search queries. The Marketing Weekly infographic pointed out 95 percent of search engine users click on first-page links, demonstrating why landing on the first page is vital to be able to drive traffic.


Aaron L. Kelly
Marketing Weekly


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