MarketTools Launches Role-Based Adaptive Reporting for Enterprise Feedback Management Customers

MarketTools CustomerSat is the Only EFM Solution That Delivers Real-time Reports, Relevant to Every Employee, That Adapt to Changing Business Structures

Mar 30, 2011, 11:06 ET from MarketTools, Inc.

SAN FRANCISCO, March 30, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- MarketTools, Inc., the leader in software and services for  feedback and market research, today announced the addition of Adaptive Role-based Reporting to its MarketTools CustomerSat enterprise feedback management (EFM) solution. With this new functionality, MarketTools CustomerSat delivers a customized, interactive view of customer feedback data, tailored to an employee's specific role, whether for the CEO who needs executive-level summaries, or for the front-line manager who needs to review his team's performance for the last hour.  

In addition, MarketTools CustomerSat's reporting now automatically adapts to changes in organizational structures, making it easy to get the right information to the right person, even in environments that undergo constant change, such as in large contact centers. This enables thousands of employees to measure and improve customer loyalty in a short time, and ultimately gives businesses the tools they need to grow revenue through increased customer retention.

"With the new MarketTools CustomerSat Adaptive Role-based Reporting, we will be able to deliver relevant, actionable customer feedback data to the right people throughout our organization," said Simon Leech, senior vice president of insurance services at American General Life Companies.  "Our customer service representatives will be able to see their impact on the customer experience, and our managers will have the objective data needed for coaching and rewarding our representatives."

"Companies want to hold their employees accountable for the customer experience," said Justin Schuster, vice president of enterprise products at MarketTools, Inc. "Our new Adaptive Role-based Reporting provides critical, actionable data to every employee that directly or indirectly impacts customers, from executives down to front-line contact center agents."

The First and Only Hierarchy-Aware EFM Reporting Solution

Large enterprises typically undergo major organizational changes every 12 to 24 months.  In the contact center, standard agent turnover rates are typically 30 to 40 percent each year.  Most companies then find it difficult to track satisfaction by region, team, and agent, because of the velocity of organizational change.

The new MarketTools CustomerSat Adaptive Role-based Reporting solves this problem by automatically delivering relevant reports to the right employees.  With this new functionality, MarketTools CustomerSat imports organizational hierarchy information, including organizational structures, sales territories, store locations, product taxonomies, and more, in minutes, and MarketTools CustomerSat uses these hierarchies to automatically determine what data each user can see, and how each user interacts with reports online.  For example, a contact center manager can be given access to data at a summary level, and have the ability to drill down to view results for a specific contact center team or individual agent.

MarketTools CustomerSat Adaptive Role-based Reporting is ideal for contact centers, retail companies, and financial services organizations, as well as for any large enterprise that experiences frequent changes to organizational structures. With MarketTools CustomerSat Adaptive Role-based Reporting, hierarchies can be updated on the fly to reflect each organizational change.  When hierarchies change, reports change automatically, making it easy to add, delete or move users.  MarketTools CustomerSat includes a simple drag-and-drop editor for designing report templates that can be published to thousands of employees with a few clicks.  

With MarketTools CustomerSat Adaptive Role-based Reporting, a single administrator can support the complex reporting needs of the extended enterprise. This style of reporting drives accountability by measuring individual and team performance, while aligning all employees with a consistent set of customer feedback metrics, and providing managers with objective data for coaching and rewarding employees.

About MarketTools® CustomerSat™ Software and Services

MarketTools CustomerSat is a Web-based enterprise feedback management (EFM) solution used by the world's leading businesses to capture, analyze, and act on feedback from customers, employees, and partners. MarketTools EFM consultants are available to help CustomerSat customers get the most out of their investment in EFM, from design of satisfaction programs to advanced analysis of survey results. Through the use of comprehensive analytic tools, action management technology, and the expert knowledge of customer satisfaction consultants, MarketTools helps clients optimize satisfaction and loyalty programs that deliver high-value business impact.

About MarketTools, Inc.

MarketTools is the leading provider of software and services for enterprise feedback management (EFM) and market research. The company is focused on providing leading organizations the actionable customer insights they need to make better business decisions that lead to high-value business impact. As the first company to make online surveys widely available on the Web, MarketTools continues its market- leading position by providing the broadest range of powerful, accurate and integrated customer insight technologies that empower companies to become the most customer-centric organizations in their industries. The MarketTools premier portfolio of technology-based insight brands includes CustomerSat™, TrueSample®, Zoomerang®, ZoomPanel® and ZoomPanel Tech™. MarketTools is a privately held company with corporate headquarters in San Francisco and European headquarters in London. For more information, please visit

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