MarketVIEW: Acne vaccines

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MarketVIEW: Acne vaccines

Acne vulgaris is a common skin condition which is estimated to affect 80% of people at some point between 11 and 30 years of age. The condition ranges from mild to severe with latter more likely to cause scarring and psychological impact such as depression, loss of self esteem and in extreme cases, suicidal ideation. Acne is responsible for a significant number of yearly physician office visits and direct costs for treatments which range from OTC lotions to prescription based antibiotics/retinoids. 

An acne vaccine targeting the main causative bacterium P.acnes could have wide utility if it prevents inflammatory outbreaks in individuals suffering from acne. Indeed, the major vaccine manufacturer Sanofi Pasteur has already announced interest in this concept (University of San Diego collaboration) confirming its potential attractiveness. 

This MarketVIEW product is a comprehensive commercial opportunity assessment which forecasts the potential of acne vaccines (value/volume) to 2030 in the Western region. The product examines different uptake scenarios of the vaccine in severe and non-severe patient groups at different age range(s). Detailed coverage of latest acne epidemiology is included, also a focus on current treatment pathways, costs and the need for a novel vaccine approach. This product is an essential component of any new internal exercise assessing the potential of new acne vaccines. 

THIS PRODUCT IS A SUMMARY PRESENTATION + MODEL Contents – Executive presentation (MS PowerPoint based)Title PageContentsAuthor's notesExecutive SummaryCommercial model: key outputsAcne vaccine: available market ($ 000s) to 2030 (severe patients)Acne vaccine: predicted volume (doses 000s) to 2030 (severe patients)Acne vaccine: available market ($ 000s) to 2030 per country (severe patients)Acne vaccine: available market ($ 000s) to 2030 (all patients)Acne vaccine: predicted volume (doses 000s) to 2030 (all patients)Acne vaccine: available market ($ 000s) to 2030 (BASE SCENARIO)Acne vaccine: predicted volume (doses 000s) to 2030 (BASE SCENARIO)Acne Vulgaris: disease background and epidemiologyAcne: brief disease backgroundAcne: clinical typesAcne: global epidemiologyAcne: adult acne statisticsAcne: impact of the diseaseAcne: treatment pathwayAcne: treatment overviewAcne: treatment optionsAcne: effectiveness of treatment in mild and moderate casesAcne: effectiveness of treatment in severe casesAcne: cost of treatmentAcne: cost of treatment in the USAcne vaccine; target product profile (TPP)The role of an acne vaccineCurrent status of the vaccinePipeline summaryAddressable vaccine populationsAcne vaccine forecast modelForecast vaccine population flowAcne vaccine: target product profileCommercial model assumptionsDetailed commercial model assumptions by country (LO uptake)Detailed commercial model assumptions by country (BASE uptake)Acne vaccine: other target populationsBibliographyDisclaimerAbout VacZine AnalyticsPAGES: ~50 MS PowerPoint slides, fully referenced/sourced. Available in .pdf formContents – Vaccine demand model(s) (MS Excel-based)Note: further models can be included with differing vaccine price scenariosTitle pageTOTAL CHARTS (ALL PATIENTS)TOTAL CHARTS (severe only)BASE (severe versus non-severe)CHARTS – VAL HIGH (severe only)CHARTS – VAL BASE (severe only)CHARTS – VAL LOW (severe only)CHARTS – VOL HIGH (severe only)CHARTS – VOL BASE (severe only)CHARTS – VOL LOW (severe only)VALUE SUMMARY (severe only)VOLUME SUMMARY (severe only)VALUE SUMMARY (ALL PATIENTS)VOLUME SUMMARY (ALL PATIENTS)Country worksheets =>>USCANADAUKFRANCEGERMANYITALYSPAINAUSTRALIAJAPANAssumptionsWorksheets = 44 per model

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