MarketVIEW: Clostridium difficile vaccines (West)

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MarketVIEW: Clostridium difficile vaccines (West)

Clostridium difficile (C.diff) is a Gram-positive bacterium, which in vulnerable hospitalized patients can cause gastrointestinal infections (CDI). Outcomes range from mild uncomplicated diarrhea to severe-complicated disease where patients experience fever, tachycardia and psuedomembranous colitis. Risk factors for C.diff infections are >65 yrs of age, hospitalization, severe underlying illness coupled with chronic antibiotic therapy. Although CDAD can be managed usually by stopping antibiotic therapy or the use of metronidazole and vancomycin treatment, patient mortality can still reach 6-30%. In some patients with toxic megacolon who require surgical intervention or colectomy, mortality can reach even higher rates of 35-50%. 

This MarketVIEW product is a comprehensive commercial opportunity assessment which forecasts the potential of C.diff vaccines to 2030 in the major Western markets. All three potential vaccine indications are modelled: Community prophylaxis (PX), Hospital prophylaxis (PX) and preventation of CDI recurrences (TX) with a focus on key target populations and latest predicted profile profiles. Also included is an in-depth epidemiology forecast to 2030 including number of CDI cases per country drawing upon latest surveillance data (pan-European survey). A discussion of the potential impact of latest pipeline developments/launches e.g. Fidoxamicin (OPT-80) and MK-3415A (monoclonals) on the vaccine proposition is covered. THIS PRODUCT IS AN EXECUTIVE PRESENTATION + 3 MODELS Contents – Executive presentation (MS PowerPoint based)Author's noteExecutive summaryKey commercial outputs: Community PX productKey commercial outputs: Hospital PX productKey commercial outputs: prevention of relapses (TX)Overview of latest changes – February 2012Epidemiology forecast – latest dataEpidemiology: number of CDI cases (2008-2030)Epidemiology: incidence per country 2000-2030Epidemiology: possible scenarios to 2030C.diff vaccines: Epidemiology: possible scenarios to 2030C.Diff vaccines: three potential markets modelledC.Diff vaccines: example target populationsCommunity prophylaxis: major model assumptionsPrevention of CDI recurrences: major model assumptionsHospital prophylaxis: major model assumptionsCommunity prophylaxis: available market ($000s) to 2030Community prophylaxis: competitor revenues ($000s) to 2030Prevention of CDI recurrences: available market ($000s) to 2030Prevention of CDI recurrences: competitor revenues ($000s) to 2030Hospital prophylaxis: available market ($000s) to 2030Hospital prophylaxis: competitor revenues ($000s) to 2030Markets covered to 2030Pricing assumptions appliedCompetitor landscape: overviewSanofi Pasteur: ACAM-CDIFFACAM-CDIFF clinical development planIntercell AG: IC84AntibioticsMonoclonal antibodiesEpidemiology: situation overviewAcute care hospitals: USLTCFs: USAcute care hospitals: pan-EuropeanAcute care hospitals: UK (Scotland, Wales and N.I.)Acute care hospitals: GermanyAcute care hospitals: FranceAcute care hospitals: SpainAcute care hospitals: ItalyAcute care hospitals: CanadaAcute care hospitals: AustraliaEpidemiology: forecast trendsDefinitions of CDI exposuresFollow-on vaccines: market share analysisBibliographyDisclaimerAbout VacZine AnalyticsPAGES: ~95 MS PowerPoint slides, fully referenced/sourced. Available in .pdf formContents – Vaccine demand model(s) (MS Excel-based)Note: Three models are included with this productHospital vaccination (PX)Community vaccination (PX)Prevention of CDI replases (TX)United StatesCanadaUKFranceGermanyItalySpainOther EU

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