MarketVIEW: Enterovirus-71 vaccines

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MarketVIEW: Enterovirus-71 vaccines

Enterovirus-71 (EV-71), a small member of the picornaviridae virus family, is a major causative agent of "hand foot and mouth" HFMD disease in South East Asia. In some countries EV-71 related HFMD outbreaks appear to be increasing in magnitude and frequency and are responsible for significant childhood mortality (905 deaths in China 2010) (est CFR 0.03%). Like Japanese encephalitis (JEV), an inactivated EV-71 vaccine has high likelihood of region specific national adoption in the SE Asia. Four such vaccines appear to be in late stage clinical trials in China with the first launch expected 2014. 

This MarketVIEW product is a comprehensive commercial opportunity assessment which forecasts the potential of EV-71 vaccines to 2030 in the SE Asia region. The product examines different scenarios of sucessive country based vaccine deployment in the

<1 yrs and 1-5 yrs age groups. Detailed coverage of latest EV-71 epidemiology (outbreaks) is included, also a focus on development history/approaches to date and coverage of latest cost effectiveness issues. Expected revenues per competitor (public) sector are included for the late stage Phase III programs operated by Sinovac and China National Biotech Group (Beijing Vigoo Biological Co Ltd). >This product is an ideal starting point for any manufacturer wishing to assess this emerging market in the SE Asia region. 

THIS PRODUCT IS A EXECUTIVE PRESENTATION + 2 MODELS Contents – Executive presentation (MS PowerPoint based)Author's noteExecutive summaryCommercial model – key outputsEV-71 vaccine(s): scenario definitionsTotal available global market to 2030: EV-71 vaccine(s)EV-71 vaccine: available market (0-5 yrs) to 2030EV-71 vaccine: total predicted volume (0-5 yrs) to 2030EV-71 vaccine: available market (<1 yrs) to 2030>EV-71 vaccine: available market (1-5 yrs) to 2030EV-71 vaccine: China market to 2030 (0-5 yrs) to 2030Total available global market to 2030: EV-71 vaccine(s) (public/private)SE Asia: cumulative first 5 year spend (public)Revenues per competitor to 2030: EV-71 vaccine(s) 0-5 yrs (CHINA)EV-71: epidemiology overviewEV-71: the pathogenComparing endemic diseasesEV-71: timelineEpidemiology: latest outbreaks in AsiaEpidemiology: incidence rates by countryEpidemiology: ChinaHFMD incidence rate, by province, January-May 2011, ChinaHFMD incidence rate, by province, January-May 9, 2008, ChinaDistribution of HFMD cases by province, January-May 2011, ChinaDistribution of severe HFMD cases (A) and deaths (B) by province, January-May 2011, ChinaEpidemiology: TaiwanEpidemiology: ThailandEpidemiology: VietnamEpidemiology: MalaysiaEpidemiology: South KoreaEpidemiology: JapanHFMD annual and weekly cases, sentinel-reports, JapanPercentage of HFMD cases by age group, sentinel-reports, 2000-2011Virus isolation/detection from aseptic meningitis cases, 2008-2012, JapanEpidemiology: SingaporeEpidemiology: USEpidemiology: EuropeEpidemiology: OtherEV-71: mortalityEV-71: morbidityEV-71 vaccine: modeling commercial potentialEV-71 vaccine opportunity: ideal target product profileModeling strategy: country/region inclusionEV-71 vaccine commercial model: countries included/scenariosModeling strategy: target populations (endemic)EV-71 vaccine: estimated order of vaccine use in target age groupsModeling strategy: launch sequence/roll-out (endemic)SE Asian countries: estimated launch dates per segmentOther countries: estimated launch dates per segmentEV-71: vaccine stockpile in Western countries?EV-71: vaccine: cost effectiveness analysisEV-71: prices used in modelEV-71: vaccinology, summary of competitor programsEV-71: vaccine: immunological aspectsEV-71: summary of vaccine approaches to dateEV-71: vaccine: need for cross protectionEvidence for the possibility of single genotype vaccine for EV-71Evidence against the possibility of single genotype vaccine for EV-71EV-71 vaccine: cross protection – other points to noteOther Coxsackieviruses and HFMDVaccine pipelineEstimating market share (CHINA)Opportunity for new treatmentsBibliographyDisclaimerAbout VacZine AnalyticsPAGES: ~90 MS PowerPoint slides, fully referenced/sourced. Available in .pdf formContents – Vaccine demand model(s) (MS Excel-based)Note: two models are included with differing vaccine price scenariosTitle sheetNotesCHARTS – VALUECHARTS VAL VOLCHART – COMPCompetitors (0-5 yrs)Value summary (0-5 yrs)Volume summary (0-5 yrs)Global price summaryLO SCENARIOPublic + privateCountry 1 – <1 yrs + 1-5 yrs>Country 2 – <1 yrs + 1-5 yrs>Country 3 – <1 yrs + 1-5 yrs>etcBASE SCENARIOPublic + privateCountry 4 – <1 yrs + 1-5 yrs>Country 5 – <1 yrs + 1-5 yrs>HI SCENARIOPublic + privateCountry 4 – <1 yrs + 1-5 yrs>Country 5 – <1 yrs + 1-5 yrs>Populations =>>Birth cohortsEpidemiology =>>% pub/priv% Urban populationTotal populationsBack pageWorksheets = 35 per model

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