MarketVIEW: Hepatitis A vaccines (Emerging/ROW)

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MarketVIEW: Hepatitis A vaccines (Emerging/ROW)

Hepatitis A (HAV) produces a self-limiting liver disease which can produce a range of symptoms such as nausea, anorexia, fever, malaise or abdominal pain. Unlike Hepatitis B and C viruses it does not cause a long term chronic infection although it can manifest itself as prolonged or relapsing disease for up to six months. The HAV virus is transmitted by person-to-person transmission through the fecal-oral route sometimes in outbreaks to due ingestion of contaminated food. Many countries in Africa, LATAM and SE Asia have high or intermediate endemnicity for HAV. 

The Hepatitis A vaccine is highly effective at preventing HAV infection and is now recommended for all children at age 1 year in the United States and other selected countries which have added the vaccine as part of a national immunization program (NIP). The HAV vaccine is also widely used in the travelling population to high or intermediate endemic countries. 

This MarketVIEW product is a comprehensive commercial opportunity assessment which forecasts the potential (value/volume) of HAV vaccines in 35 countries in the "Emerging" or Rest of World region (ROW) to 2030. The model takes into account expected new NIPs, probable "catch-up" campaigns and expansion of private sector use in selected age groups. A detailed executive presentation is also included outlining all model outputs, assumptions and a country-by-country review of epidemiological dynamics and vaccination policy.

THIS PRODUCT IS A EXECUTIVE PRESENTATION + 1 MODEL Contents – Executive presentation (MS PowerPoint based)Author's noteExecutive summaryCommercial model – key outputsHAV monovalent vaccine(s): available market (€ 000s) to 2030HAV monovalent vaccine(s): available volume (€ 000s) to 2030HAV monovalent vaccine(s): BRIC-MT markets (€ 000s) to 2030HAV monovalent vaccine(s): BRIC-MT volume (000s) to 2030HAV monovalent vaccine(s): available market(s) (€ 000s) to 2030Hepatitis A virus: Review of current epidemiologyGlobal epidemiology: seroprevalenceGlobal epidemiology: seroprevalence (cont..)Global epidemiology: incidenceUS: incidenceEurope: incidence5EU overview: incidenceOther high-income countries: incidenceTrends in incidence rates (low endemicity countries)BRIC-M: incidenceOther LATAM: epidemiologySoutheast Asia overviewHong KongSingaporeTaiwanMalaysiaPhilippinesThailandSouth KoreaMongoliaNepalHAV epidemiology summaryHepatitis A virus vaccines: Key model assumptionsPopulations modelledOverview of modeling strategy: new infant NIPsOverview of modeling strategy: private adult segmentOverview of modeling strategy: at risk populationNational HAV vaccine policiesPopulations modelled: at risk populationCommercial model assumptions: Infant, publicCommercial model assumptions: Infant, public (cont..)BibliographyDisclaimerAbout VacZine AnalyticsPAGES: 65 MS PowerPoint slides, fully referenced/sourced. Available in .pdf formContents – Vaccine demand model(s) (MS Excel-based)Title sheetNotesCHARTS – VALUE (total)CHARTS – VOLUME (total)WPR summaryCountry value summary (Total)Public vs private value summaryValue adult (priv)Value infant (priv)Value preschool (priv)Value infant (pub)Value adult (pub)Global price summaryVolume adult (priv)Volume infant (priv)Volume preschool (priv)Volume infant (pub)Volume adult (pub)Country worksheetsChina (infants)S Korea (infants)Israel (infants)Australia (infants)Argentina (infants)Panama (infants)Paraguay (infants)Uruguay (infants)Taiwan (infants)Russia (infants)Kazakhstan (infants)India (infants)Ukraine (infants)Brazil (infants)Turkey (infants)Mexico (infants)Peru (infants)Venezuela (infants)Columbia (infants)Chile (infants)Guatemala (infants)Saudi Arabia (infants)Other Middle East (infants)Belarus (infants)Hong Kong (infants)Malaysia (infants)Thailand (infants)Vietnam (infants)Nepal (infants)Pakistan (infants)Philippines (infants)Mongolia (infants)Pakistan (infants)Pakistan (infants)Pakistan (infants)Japan (infants)Sheets repeated for adults, preschoolersPopulation databasesScenarios"at risk" populationsUrban populations% privateHBV coverage: case studiesEpidemiologyIncome groupsWorld PopulationBack pageWORKSHEETS = 110

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