MarketVIEW: Herpes Simplex Virus vaccines (therapeutic)

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MarketVIEW: Herpes Simplex Virus vaccines (therapeutic)

Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) is a sexually transmitted virus which is a major cause of genital herpes (GH). Although most individuals infected with HSV-2 have minimal signs of infection, the disease is life-long and in some, causes considerable emotional and physical distress. Individuals asymptomatically infected with HSV-2 can continue to transmit virus making its containment at the public health level extremely challenging.

Vaccine manufacturers have pursued the development of both prophylatic (PX) and therapeutic (TX) HSV vaccines albeit with little success to date. For therapeutic approaches a vaccine could reduce the frequency/duration of recurrences and lessen the need for long-term pharmacotherapy. Ideally the vaccine would also reduce transmission so having a wider public health benefit. 

This MarketVIEW product gives a comprehensive vaccine value ($USD/volume (000s) forecast for a putative THERAPEUTIC (TX) HSV vaccine until 2030. The model contains value ($ m) and volume (mio doses) predictions along with launch timeframe, pricing and penetration estimates. LO/BASE/HI target product profile (TPP) scenarios are included which examine the uptake of vaccines with differing clinical performance. A detailed review is also included on latest trends in disease epidemiology/dynamics.

THIS PRODUCT IS A SUMMARY PRESENTATION + MODEL Contents – Summary presentation (MS PowerPoint based)Author's noteExecutive SummaryPoint(s) to note regarding vaccine pricing/usageCommercial model – key model outputsHSV TX vaccine: available market ($000s) to 2030 by scenarioHSV TX vaccine: demand (000s doses) to 2030 by scenarioHSV TX vaccine: available market ($000s) to 2030 (low scenario)HSV TX vaccine: available market ($000s) to 2030 (base scenario)HSV TX vaccine: available market ($000s) to 2030 (high scenario)HSV TX vaccine: available market ($000s) to 2030 by country (base scenario)HSV therapeutic vaccines: commercial model assumptionsCurrent management of genital herpesThe role of HSV TX vaccinesHSV TX vaccine target populations (scenario definition)HSV TX vaccine: target product profile(s)Model assumptions: populations/penetration rates/pricing/launch sequenceMarkets included in modelCommercial model assumptions per TPP (LO/BASE/HI)HSV TX vaccine segment analysisContribution of HSV-1 and HSV-2 to commercial valueHSV therapeutic vaccines: R&D pipelineCompetitor landscape: overviewHSV TX vaccine pipelineAgenusPreclinical programsHSV therapeutic vaccines: Review on latest epidemiologyHSV-1/HSV-2: overviewHSV surveillanceEpidemiology: UKEpidemiology: USEpidemiology: other marketsHSV-1 and HSV-2 seroprevalence studiesRole of HSV-1 as a cause of genital herpesClinical reactivation of HSV-1 and HSV-2Methodology: Calculating TX vaccine target populationsBibliographyAbout VacZine AnalyticsDisclaimerPAGES: 66 MS PowerPoint slides, fully referenced/sourced. Available in .pdf formContents – Vaccine demand model (MS Excel-based)Title sheetScenario definitionChart – valueChart – volumeVolume summaryValue summary (High price)Value summary (Base price)Value summary (Low price)Country worksheets ?USCanadaUKFranceSpainItalyGermanyOther EUJapanAustraliaSourcesHerpes database (UK)Herpes database (US)Diagnoses ratesUS NDTI diagnosesUK HPA diagnosesUK HPA by ageUS HSV-2 seroprevalenceBack pageWORKSHEETS = 30

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