MarketVIEW: Respiratory Syncytial virus vaccines

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MarketVIEW: Respiratory Syncytial virus vaccines

Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is a leading cause of infant/childhood lower respiratory tract infection and hospitalization. Elderly adults and those with underlying co-morbidities such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or suffering with malignancies are also at increased risk of RSV infection related complications. RSV is estimated to be responsible for ~9,000 deaths per year (US).

An RSV prophylactic vaccine would ideally to reduce the incidence of severe RSV lower respiratory tract infections in "at risk" groups. Currently a number of approaches are being pursued including live-attenuated viruses and/or recombinant proteins, the most advanced of which is AstraZeneca/Medimmune's MEDI-534 and MEDI-559. US biotech Novavax have also completed a Phase I trial with VLP recombinant RSV-F fusion protein. 

This MarketVIEW is a comprehensive MS Excel-based model + summary presentation which forecasts the potential commercial value of new RSV vaccines across global markets to 2030. The model contains value ($ m) and volume (mio doses) predictions for infants (

<1yrs) and various adult target groups. Differing RSV vaccine profiles (infant + elderly) and related issues such as differential pricing are also discussed with regard to LO/BASE/HI market uptake scenarios. >THIS PRODUCT IS A SUMMARY PRESENTATION + MODEL Executive summaryCommercial model – key outputsTotal predicted demand (doses 000s), all scenariosTotal global available market ($000s), all scenariosTotal global available market ($000s), infantTotal global available market ($000s), adult "at risk"Total global available market ($000s), adult "universal"The role of a RSV vaccineVaccine target populations: overviewVaccine target populations: scenario definitionsRSV vaccine: infant target product profileRSV vaccine: adult target product profileMarkets included in the modelCommercial model assumptions: infant scenarioCommercial model assumptions: adult scenariosModel forecast comparisons: March 2010 v current model (May 2012)Pricing methodology: infant and adultsCompetitor landscape overviewMedImmune: MEDI-534 and MEDI-559 vaccinesNovavax: VLP RSV-F vaccineNovavax: Phase I dataPreclinical vaccinesVaccine pipeline summaryEstimated launch datesOpportunities for new treatmentsReview of latest epidemiologyEpidemiology: infantsEpidemiology: adultsEpidemiology: hospitalizationsMethodology: target populationsMethodology: coverageModel forecast comparisons: Novavax/LEK analysisBibliographyAbout VacZine AnalyticsDisclaimerPAGES: 60 MS PowerPoint slides, fully referenced/sourced. Available in .pdf formContents – Vaccine demand model (MS Excel-based)Title sheetScenarion definitionsGRAND SUMMARY CHARTSCHARTS VALUECHARTS VOLUMECHARTS VOLUME – HIGHVALUE SUMMARY – universalVALUE SUMMARY – "at risk"VALUE SUMMARY – infantsVOLUME SUMMARY – universalVOLUME SUMMARY – "at risk"VOLUME SUMMARY – infantsCountry volume/population sheetsUSCanadaUKGermanyFranceSpainItalyOther EUJapanBrazilIndiaChinaMexicoCountry total populations – forecast to 2030 (Births, >18 yrs, >65 yrs)Source materialUS RSVJapan RSVUS PneumoniaAsthma/COPD epidemiologyCHF epidemiologyCancer EPIPricing (infant)Coverage (COPD and HF)Back pageAbout VacZine AnalyticsDisclaimerWORKSHEETS: ~65

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