MarketVIEW: Staphylococcus aureus vaccines

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MarketVIEW: Staphylococcus aureus vaccines

Gram-positive Staphylococcus aureus is an opportunistic pathogen and a major cause of patient morbidity and mortality, especially in "at risk" populations. The organism can cause a wide range of infections ranging from mild skin infections to life-threatening bloodstream infections and pneumonia.

Prophylatic vaccines could prevent S.aureus infections and become cost effective in achieving savings from expensive infection control interventions e.g. MRSA screening on admission. Although all major companies have now announced S.aureus vaccine programs, Pfizer (SA4Ag) are the most advanced now the Merck & Co (Intercell AG) candidate, V710 has been terminated. 

This MarketVIEW product gives a comprehensive vaccine value ($USD/volume (000s) forecast for all products within target nosocomial populations until 2030. The model includes LO/BASE/HI forecast scenarios so the user can visualize the commercial impact of differing targetting/competitive and pricing scenarios. This product is an essential component of any commercial opportunistic assessment focused on nosocomial vaccines.

THIS PRODUCT IS A SUMMARY PRESENTATION + MODEL Contents – Summary presentation (MS PowerPoint based)Author's noteContentsExecutive SummaryCommercial model – key outputsTotal global available market ($000s all scenarios), pricing level 1Total global available market ($000s all scenarios), pricing level 2Total global available market ($000s all scenarios), pricing level 3Total predicted demand (doses 000s all scenarios)Total available volume per vaccine segment, US – 2025Model forecast comparisons: March 2010 v current (April 2012) – volume/valueModel forecast comparisons: March 2010 v current (April 2012) – per segmentCompany revenue summaryModelling commercial potentialThe role of S.aureus vaccineCharacteristics of the ideal S.aureus vaccineS.aureus vaccine: target product profile (minimum)S.aureus vaccine: target product profile (ideal)Target populations: vaccination strategiesVaccine target populations: overviewVaccine target populations: scenario definitionMarkets included in modelCommercial model assumptions: generalCommercial model assumptions: short-term riskCommercial model assumptions: chronic riskModel forecast assumptions: comparing March 2010 with current (April 2012)Notes on PricingS.aureus vaccines: R&D pipelineCompetitor landscape overviewS.aureus vaccine: estimated launch datesPfizer: SA4Ag – backgroundPfizer: SA4Ag – Phase I dataGSK: GSK2392103A/NabiOther vaccine candidatesMerck & Co/Intercell AG – V710Staphylococcus aureus: update on infection controlSituation overview: MRSA infection controlUS situationReview of latest epidemiologyAcute care hospitals: USAcute care hospitals: pan-EuropeanAcute care hospitals: UKAcute care hospitals: GermanyAcute care hospitals: FranceEurope: methicillin-resistance disease trendsMRSA: colonization ratesBackup material: methodologyMethodology: general comments – CABG, ESRD & LTCFsMethodology: general comments – ICU/electiveMethodology: general comments – diabeticsBibliographyDisclaimerAbout VacZine AnalyticsPAGES: 80 MS PowerPoint slides, fully referenced/sourced. Available in .pdf formContents – Vaccine demand model (MS Excel-based)Title sheetTOTAL CHARTS – forecast to 2030CHARTS VALUE – pricing level 1CHARTS VALUE – pricing level 2CHARTS VALUE – pricing level 3CHARTS VOLUME – HIGHVALUE SUMMARY – pricing level 1VALUE SUMMARY – pricing level 2VALUE SUMMARY – pricing level 3Competitor summary (Base scenario)US (all scenarios LO/BASE/HIGH)CanadaUKGermanyFranceSpainItalyAustraliaJapanCountry target populations – forecast to 2030Source materialLTCFsCABGOrthopaedicESRDHospital admissionsElective admissionsDiabetesUS segmentsBack pageAbout VacZine AnalyticsDisclaimerWORKSHEETS: ~65

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