MarketVIEW: Universal pneumo vaccines

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MarketVIEW: Universal pneumo vaccines

Vaccines to prevent serious infections caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae or "pneumo" currently form the largest component of the global vaccine market ($4 - 5bn/yr). Notable examples are Prevnar/Prevenar (PCV7) first marketed to cover the seven most common US serotypes causing infant invasive pneumococcal disease (IPD) and now recently extended to a new 13-valent form (PCV13). Pfizer vaccines (formerly Wyeth) are also expanding PCV13 indications into older age groups especially those with underlying co-morbidities who are currently vaccinated with 23-valent Pneumovax (PPSV). Pneumococcal vaccines are being rolled out to GAVI-funded markets in developing countries where the burden of pneumo related diseases is more extreme. 

The ultimate Pneumo vaccine would be able to prevent disease covered by the majority of ~90 serotypes, cheap to produce and therefore available on a global scale. Investigators in both the commercial and academic/not-for-profit sector are investigating these "universal" protein-based vaccines (PUPV) which could eventually replace conjugated forms although many development challenges remain. 

This MarketVIEW product is a comprehensive opportunity assessment focused on understanding the commercial potential of new "universal" protein-based vaccines should they be licensed. As well as an Executive presentation, the product contains two detailed value/volume forecast models at the country level which detail all the latest dynamics between product forms and all target groups being in mind evolution in US/EU/ROW policy recommendations. The possible entry of new PUPV(s) is then modelled and current development issues/approaches discussed. 

THIS PRODUCT IS A EXECUTIVE PRESENTATION + 2 MODELSContents – Executive presentation (MS PowerPoint based)Author's noteExecutive SummaryPneumo vaccines: key model model outputsAll pneumo vaccines: available market ($000s) to 2030All pneumo vaccines: estimated volume ('000s doses) to 2030Pneumo vaccines by type: available market ($000s) to 2030Pneumo vaccines by type: available infant market ($000s) to 2030Pneumo vaccines by type: all adult market (HI) ($000s) to 2030Pneumo vaccines: adult market 65yrs+ (HI) ($000s) to 2030Pneumo vaccines: adult market 18-64yrs (HI) ($000s) to 2030Pneumo vaccines by type: all adult market (LO) ($000s) to 2030Pneumo vaccines: adult market 65yrs+ (LO) ($000s) to 2030Pneumo vaccines: adult market 18-64 yrs (LO) ($000s) to 2030Pneumo vaccines: available market ($000s) to 2030 by vaccine typePneumo vaccines: key model assumptionsMarkets covered to 2030Populations modelled: per age segmentKey model assumptions: product entry and switchingPricing assumptions applied overallPricing assumptions applied per countryPricing: reimbursement, private/private splitAdult Pneumo indications and vaccination policiesAdult Pneumo indications: definition of risk segmentsAdult Pneumo indications: risk groups % of 18-64 yrs cohortAdult Pneumo indications and vaccination policies: per countryPCV13: adult roll-out assumptionsPUPV: roll-out overall rationalePUPV: roll-out assumptions per countryCompany reported sales analysisPneumo vaccines: company reported sales analysisCompany reported sales analysis by vaccine typeCompany reported sales analysis by region (cont...)Epidemiology of pneumococcal diseaseBacterial meningitis per age group (child)/pathogen US 2003-2007*Bacterial meningitis per age group (adult)/pathogen US 2003-2007Epidemiology of pneumococcal disease: post vaccine eraEpidemiology of pneumococcal disease: impact of PCV in USEpidemiology of pneumococcal disease: non PCV7 serotypes (UK)Epidemiology of pneumococcal disease: non PCV13 serotypes (UK)Epidemiology of pneumococcal disease: mortality per serotypeVaccine coverage rates: infantsVaccine coverage rates: adultsNew Pneumo vaccines: brief overview of current R&DConcept of a protein based pneumo vaccinePUPV: ideal product profileGSK2189242A: recombinant-conjugated vaccineGSK2189242A: Gambia trialSanofi Pasteur: multi-protein based PUPVSanofi Pasteur: PUPV Bangladesh trialCurrent commercial pneumo vaccine pipeline (clinical)Novel pneumo protein antigensPATH – new pneumococcal vaccine developmentPATH – pneumo vaccine project: overview of collaboratorsBibliographyDisclaimerAbout VacZine AnalyticsPAGES: ~70 MS PowerPoint slides, fully referenced/sourced. Available in .pdf formContents – Vaccine demand model(s) (MS Excel-based)***NOTE*** - there are 2 models (LO & Hi scenarios) each with ~ 90 individual sheetsTitle sheetImportant notesCharts – ValCharts – VolGRAND VALUE SUMMARYPCV Vol/ValPPSV Vol/ValPUPV Vol/Val0 – 2 yrs per countryUS infantCanada infantUK infantGermany infantFrance infantItaly infantSpain infantBelgium infantNetherlands infantGreece infantPortugal infantPoland infantOther Europe infantAustralia infantJapan infantSouth Korea infantOther high income infantBrazil infantMexico infantTurkey infantOther UMI infantOther UMI infant (upside)GAVI active infantGAVI planned infant18 – 49 yrs per countryUS "at risk"Canada "at risk"UK "at risk"Germany "at risk"France "at risk"Italy "at risk"Spain "at risk"Belgium "at risk"Netherlands "at risk"Greece "at risk"Portugal "at risk"Poland "at risk"Other Europe "at risk"Australia "at risk"Japan "at risk"South Korea "at risk"Other HI income 18-64 yrs "at risk"65+ yrs per countryUS >65 yrsCanada >65 yrsUK >65 yrsGermany >65 yrsFrance >65 yrsItaly >65 yrsSpain >65 yrsBelgium >65 yrsNetherlands >65 yrsGreece >65 yrsPortugal >65 yrsPoland >65 yrsOther Europe >65 yrsAustralia >65 yrsJapan >65 yrsSouth Korea >65 yrsOther HI income >65 yrsPopulations =>Births18-64 yrs65 yrs only65 yrs +Sources =>PPSV price summaryPCV and PUPV price summaryPub Priv splitAt risk groupsPipelineCompany reported sales

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