Married, Single or Divorced - Who Saves the Most Money?

Mar 29, 2012, 09:58 ET from MotorQuoteDirect

LONDON, March 29, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

MotorQuoteDirect, a leading light in the motor insurance industry, has released a downloadable White Paper that charts the research they carried out revealing whether married, single or divorced people get the best motor insurance quotes.

The research looks at the average price of car insurance for different Marital Statuses along with four years worth of car insurance data and the percentage of claims that were made by each demographic within Marital Status.

Joe de Vries, of MotorQuoteDirect, has been explaining: "The purpose of the research was to genuinely find out whether married people get the cheapest quotes. It's what everyone suspected and so it's not a great surprise to see that the findings from our research have confirmed this. What is surprising, however, is that divorced people, generally, receive the highest quotes."

Joe went on to suggest that the reason for this could be that divorced people tend to make more claims compared to other Marital Statuses. Whether this is just a coincidence, or whether there is a more factual reason to why this is the case, we simply do not know. The data collected however does certainly show that divorced people make the most claims, and as a direct result, they've historically received the highest car insurance quotes.

MotorQuoteDirect is a part of Bedford Insurance Services and has been an established car insurance company for many years now. This is just one example of the studies that MotorQuoteDirect have carried out. If you would like to download the White Paper, it's been published on the MotorQuoteDirect website. Simply visit the site to download the research as a PDF file.

In addition, if you'd like to request a motor insurance quote, then please do not hesitate to visit the MotorQuoteDirect website today for a quick and simple quotation process.

Joe de Vries

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