Mary Lanning Healthcare Reports Improved HCAHPS and Reduced Call Light Use with Nobl

Mary Lanning Healthcare Accredits Positive Patient Outcomes from Hourly Rounding Software

Nov 23, 2015, 10:30 ET from Nobl

LINCOLN, Neb., Nov. 23, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Since partnering with Nobl to hardwire the process of hourly rounding by implementing VigilanceTM, Mary Lanning Healthcare has reported increases in patient satisfaction scores as well as substantial reductions in patient call light use.

According to med-surg unit nurse director Megan Marble, many factors played into Mary Lanning Healthcare's results. "When we implemented VigilanceTM, I was expecting to see an impact on our quality measures such as a reduction in our patient call light use and a decrease on the number of falls occurring on our units, and we did," begins Marble. "VigilanceTM not only helped our med-surg unit with their quality initiatives, but it inspired a culture of teamwork centered around providing quality of care to each and every patient regardless of their patient assignment." Marble's team approach to providing patient care is evident when comparing her units' HCAHPS responsiveness score before and after implementing VigilanceTM—jumping from 69.7 percent to 81.9 percent in just one quarter.

Marble's med-surg unit isn't alone in feeling an impact from hardwired hourly rounding. Carol Hamik, nurse director of PCU, ICU, and Pediatrics, notes, "ICU and PCU is receiving the highest patient satisfaction scores award for quarter 2 and Pediatrics is receiving the most improved award."

Like Megan and Carol, Chief Nursing Officer Ronda Ehly, has noticed a positive culture change, as well as evidence of decreased call light utilization over all of the units she manages. "Within weeks of using VigilanceTM we began to see increased compliance in completion of hourly rounds, decreased call light use and a significant reduction in patient falls. From this time last year, call light utilization on our med-surg unit has decreased by 30 percent," says Ehly. "VigilanceTM has provided a framework that will assist us in achieving and sustaining a culture of patient safety."

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