Massenburg Media's New Artist LYLIT Is the Latest European Vocalist to Conquer Pop With Debut EP Unknown

Austrian Artist LYLIT With Debut EP in US

Jul 31, 2015, 15:12 ET from Massenburg Media

NEW YORK, July 31, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Massenburg Media's (MM), Austrian pop vocalist LYLIT is proud to announce the release of her highly anticipated debut EP "Unknown" in North America. LYLIT, well-known for her sultry powerhouse vocals, has enjoyed a successful career overseas and is prepared to take the US by storm.

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The five track EP captivates listeners through the sincere messages projected in raw emotions with the perfect blend of gospel, jazz, classical and soul.

Unknown Tracklist

  1. Unknown
  2. Again
  3. Four Walls
  4. Eyes Wide Open
  5. Free

The EP is now available on iTunes here:

Distinguished for her distinctive sound, LYLIT has conquered the European Market, which is apparent in various aspects of her performances, features on MTV Germany, MTV Switzerland, Balcony TV and other platforms.

Determined to do the same in The States, debuted the video for her title track, "Unknown", the acoustic version of her single "Again," and the ability to download the album version of  "Again" by tweeting about the song. LYLIT'S video "Unknown" aired in Fresh Faces on MTV HITS reaching approximately 25 million US households. "Unknown" has also received heavy rotation on AXS TV, an HD TV network carried in approximately 44 million homes across North America.

Of her own compositions, LYLIT'S favorite song is "Again." She describes the night that it was birthed—at the conclusion of a 4am studio session. "I sat down on my old Boesendorfer grand piano and started playing. After a long recording session, your mind is empty and your heart is filled with energy that only creativity can evoke. I was improvising on the piano and started singing along. The whole song—as it [appears] on the album—was written in that moment. I didn't change a thing. Since then, I've been writing like this. It's hard sometimes because you can't really force it. But I am convinced that people can feel if the music emerges organically."

"Unknown" gives the audiences a glimpse into what LYLIT has in store for her forthcoming debut album scheduled to be released fall of 2015.


LYLIT is an Austrian artist based in Vienna. Before she became LYLIT, she was Eva Klampfer and her aptitude for music bordered on genius. Her first love was the piano; she recalls playing her neighbor's at age 4 until her parents finally bought her one. Her passion and talent led her to the Bruckner Conservatory in Linz, Austria, where she studied classical piano and jazz vocal; eventually receiving her masters with honors. Her knowledge of the piano has also influenced her vocal ability—offering a deeper musicality and allowing her to better communicate with the instrumentalists she works with.

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