Massive ZAKER Ad Debuts in Times Square

Dec 21, 2015, 09:00 ET from ZAKER

NEW YORK, Dec. 21, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- On December 18, ZAKER made a high-profile appearance in New York's Times Square. Originated in Guangzhou, China only five years ago, ZAKER has now successfully launched itself onto the world stage. Its advertising message displayed on a massive billboard, "Understanding the World", reflects the brand's ambition to dominate the mobile news app market.

On the same day in 2010, China's first mobile news app, ZAKER, was unveiled. Its magazine-like format and subscription customisation capabilities soon captured the attention of mainstream tech media, and also helped catapult the app onto the Top Chart in Apple's app store multiple times. As of now, the number of ZAKER users has reached 160 million, with its daily active users totalling 12.8-14.25 million.

Originally, ZAKER was conceived to "present the cluttered content on the Internet to users in an e-magazine format". To further this mission, ZAKER has offered to partner with over 2,000 media outlets to move online the premium content of tradition media, which is further organised into 23 vertical channels available for subscription, covering news, finance, technology, entertainment, fashion, automobile, and tourism. In 2015, ZAKER further intensified its integration with traditional media outlets by partnering with Shenzhen Evening News to jointly operate "ZAKER Shenzhen". Just a few days earlier, it had also joined hands with Hubei Daily and the state-owned Hubei provincial newspaper Chu Tian Jin Bao to jointly launch "ZAKER Wuhan", kicking its localisation strategy into high gear.

In its early days, ZAKER placed its focus on such features as content aggregation and subscription customisation, with such capabilities as intelligent recommendations and social reading introduced still later. After accumulating a massive base of users, it also added social networking functions and new sections for local life services. Now, ZAKER has grown into a comprehensive platform integrating "information, social networking and O2O". The vision of Mr. Li Senhe, founder of ZAKER, is to build ZAKER into a guide to life for the elite, and a trendsetter for China's high-end crowd.

Over the years, ZAKER has dedicated itself fully to perfecting its products and improving user experience, earning itself widespread recognition. In June, iResearch conducted a survey of China's mainstream news apps including ZAKER, from various angles such as demographics , behaviour & attitude, brand awareness, content ratings, advertising and consumption. The results show that ZAKER leads many of the indexes, with its user satisfaction rate of 91.3% being the highest among all apps surveyed.

Amid the fierce competition among mobile news apps, ZAKER has chosen wisely to target the medium-to-high-end market segment and the "emerging social strata", having pioneered a unique path of development. In the future, it will continue its strategic efforts to focus on first and second-tier cities, with a view to becoming the No. 1 portal for information on local life services.

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