Master Builder Johann Grunder Opens Raffle to Win a Luxury Castle in Brazil!

Aug 24, 2010, 08:00 ET from

BELO HORIZONTE, Brazil, Aug. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- For the first time ever, a newly built luxury castle with a living area of 580 msquared, a park extending across 2000 msquared plus staff quarters to the value of EUR1,440,000.00 is being raffled in Belo Horizonte, the capital of Mina Gerais, a state in Brazil. "In Europe, private lottery draws are a big hit, so I thought I'd just try it out," said castle owner and builder Johann Grunder.

Anyone can enter by answering three questions and paying a fee of EUR59.00, and then stand a big chance of winning the luxury castle, a VW Polo or Vouchers worth EUR 2500.

When asked why the castle is being raffled, the owner gave the following reply: "I'm an architect by passion and I'm constantly looking for new challenges to realise my ideas and visions in the form of structures. This castle was perfectly planned and implemented down to the last detail, but it is too big for my own use, and as I'm open to new ideas I decided to go the route of a private lottery draw. In my home country, Austria, raffles are a big hit, so I thought I'd just try it out."

The odds of winning the luxury castle are 1,560 times higher in a private lottery drawing than getting six numbers right in the Lotto. A total of only 31.999 raffle tickets are being registered. For additional information, visit:  

Information contacts:

Herr Johann Grundner

Rua Expedicionario Jose Assumpcao dos Anjos 321 Sao Luiz

CEP: 31 310 050 Belo Horizonte Brasil

Tel: +55-31-3492-4080 ou 8797 7444