Matchbook Announces Appointment of Jim Shuman as Senior Procurement Strategic Advisor

Feb 10, 2016, 09:00 ET from Matchbook, Inc.

BOSTON, Feb. 10, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Matchbook, Inc., a company specializing in procurement and strategic sourcing for fast growing biotech companies, announced today the appointment of Jim Shuman as Senior Procurement Strategic Advisor. Jim brings nearly 25 years of experience in supply chain, logistics and sourcing and procurement, having spent nearly two decades in executive level roles as the SVP of Supply Chain/Logistics and Procurement at Genzyme and, most recently headed global logistics and procurement at Synageva BioPharma.

As Matchbook's Senior Procurement Strategic Advisor, Jim will be providing procurement strategic leadership and guidance to Matchbook's growing number of biotech clients. Jim will work alongside a team of seasoned commercial, sourcing and procurement experts to assist rapidly growing biotech companies in building strong foundations for commercial growth. In addition to providing procurement strategic leadership and guidance for Matchbook clients, Jim will support the growth of tealbook, a cloud platform created by Matchbook's founder and CEO, Stephany Lapierre. tealbook allows pharma and biotech companies to build valuable supplier intelligence, which significantly reduces the time spent searching and identifying the strongest suppliers.

A growing number of biotech companies are seeing value in establishing procurement early in preparation for onboarding a large number of outsourcing partners required to support critical functions for clinical and commercial success.  Matchbook offers senior strategic commercial, procurement and sourcing expertise for clients interested in a white glove approach to using on-demand strategic and operational procurement services across all functions.

"Jim's senior leadership experience will be a valuable asset for Matchbook in helping our growing clients build a valuable procurement foundation in preparation for fast commercial growth" says Stephany Lapierre, founder and CEO of Matchbook. "Matchbook allows biotech employees to focus on their work and not waste time managing lengthy RFPs, while quickly validating their supplier decision, mitigating their risk and ensuring competitive pricing." said Lapierre. "Jim will also have an active role with tealbook, and his guidance and connections will be instrumental in building a valuable resource of internal and external supplier intelligence for the life science industry. We are excited to add Jim to the team and for the prospect of continued guidance he has been offering as a client, and now as part of our team."

"Having worked with Matchbook for over 2 years as a client, I have gained tremendous respect for the work that the company does for its life science clients. Matchbook quickly became an extension of my team while I was building the procurement function at Synageva BioPharma. I am excited by the opportunity to help Matchbook advance its mission of providing strong procurement foundation and efficient supplier searches for growing life science companies and their employees," said Jim Shuman. "Both Matchbook and tealbook are bringing an innovative solution to obstacles that affect productivity and delay critical supplier engagements and have a significant impact on pharma and biotech organizations.  I am looking forward to supporting the team to further expand its services and client portfolio."

About Matchbook

Matchbook offers strategic and procurement services to growing biotech companies with limited resources, tight timelines and extensive commercial outsourcing requirements. Matchbook includes a senior commercial, sourcing and procurement team that brings a wealth of knowledge and category expertise across all functions. Matchbook believes that biotech employees should spend their time more productively, partner with suppliers that can best meet their business goals, receive competitive pricing and get the most value out of their growing partnerships. Matchbook clients are able to stretch their funding dollars further while building a strong strategic foundation for success. For more information and to view a sample of our client portfolio, visit

About tealbook

tealbook is an exciting online platform that empowers sourcing and procurement professionals' interactions with internal stakeholders. By quickly providing all of the information necessary to make an informed decision, including supplier details and status, industry recommendations and existing connections to colleagues, tealbook helps identify the most suitable supplier options and significantly reduce the time spent searching for supplier information. Through its robust yet streamlined approach to initiating the RFP process, tealbook empowers sourcing and procurement departments to enable collaboration and efficiency with internal stakeholders and suppliers. Similarly, tealbook offers suppliers a unique and powerful way to generate new business by increasing visibility and collaboration with sourcing and procurement - for the ultimate benefit of internal stakeholders. For more information on tealbook, visit their website at

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