Matthew Ryncarz, Fusion IONZ founder, Announces that Fusion IONZ has been Named the World Leader in FAR Infrared and Negative Ion Technology

Fusion IONZ has been named the leading, most powerful negative ion and far infrared technology in new book "The Happiness Effect"

Nov 24, 2015, 13:11 ET from Fusion IONZ

ATLANTA, Nov. 24, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Fusion IONZ has been developing cutting edge negative ion and FAR Infrared technology since 2010.  This past week, the definitive book on negative ions titled, "The Happiness Effect" was pre released and it names Fusion IONZ as the world leader in ionic and infrared technologies.

"We are very excited about being recognized for all of the effort we put in to developing high quality nano technologies", said Fusion IONZ founder Matthew Ryncarz.  "We were the first to pass a board certified clinical trial, first to be validated in an IVY league research report and now we are first to be featured as a world leader in a nationally published medical book."

According to Fusion IONZ, The Happiness Effect is the definitive book compiling research on negative ions.  It gives a true look at the long history and expansive clinical data that make negative ions and FAR infrared a very worthwhile natural medical treatment option.

"We feel non thermal FAR Infrared and negative ion technologies are the future of natural health and we are proud to be the leader on the forefront."  Matthew Ryncarz went on to say, "It was humbling to submit our data, have it cross checked and be named the best in the world.  This title has been five long years in the making."

About Fusion IONZ: Fusion IONZ was founded in 2010 by Matthew Ryncarz.  Fusion IONZ specializes in wearable and consumable products featuring their patented non thermal FAR infrared technology.  Fusion IONZ currently has offices in Georgia, Florida and Canada and over 500 retailers world wide.