Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology Scales Out Scientific Research Operations With Isilon

Leader in Ecology and Genetics Deploys Isilon Scale-Out Storage to Consolidate Scientific Data and Applications, Simplifying Management and Improving Productivity to Accelerate Time-to-Results

Oct 26, 2010, 08:00 ET from Isilon

SEATTLE, Oct. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Isilon® (Nasdaq: ISLN) today announced that the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology (MPI) has deployed Isilon scale-out storage to help power its leading-edge research in ecology and genetics. Using Isilon's X-Series, featuring the OneFS® operating system, MPI has consolidated project-related home directories, file shares and scientific data archives onto a single, shared storage resource, simplifying data management to improve productivity and reduce operating costs. With Isilon, MPI's researchers can access mission-critical information simultaneously without any performance disruption, increasing workflow efficiency to accelerate time-to-results.  

"With the switch to Isilon, we can now provide our research team with a central storage resource that eliminates the data access and management challenges of separate systems, volumes and capacity limitations," said Derk Wachsmuth, IT manager, MPI for Evolutionary Biology. "By consolidating all of our project-related data, we've significantly improved workflow efficiency, while retaining the flexibility to add storage on-demand as our needs change."

MPI for Evolutionary Biology focuses on general evolutionary processes, including ecological adaptations and the evolution of cooperation, analyzed through ecological, molecular and theoretical approaches. By deploying Isilon scale-out storage to unify its project-related data stores, MPI has provided its 60 researchers with immediate, highly concurrent data access, streamlining the sharing of information to improve collaboration, while reducing storage management and costs. Using Isilon's Backup Accelerator, MPI can backup critical information without any interruption to front-end performance, improving data reliability and ensuring its research data is always readily available and secure.  

"MPI is at the forefront of scientific innovation, with its work in evolutionary biology helping to create new breakthroughs in ecology and genetics around the world," said Sam Grocott, vice president of marketing, Isilon. "By using Isilon to power its research, MPI is providing further proof that Isilon scale-out storage is an ideal solution for accelerating time-to-results in the life sciences."

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