Max Stiegemeier (GCF) Acquires Division 5 Technology, Inc.

New Capabilities Extend GCF's Cloud-Based Data Center by utilizing encrypted tunnel based data transmission

Dec 17, 2010, 03:00 ET from Division 5 Technology, Inc.

NEW YORK, Dec. 17, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- GCF International (GCF) and CEO Max Stiegemeier today announced it has acquired Division 5 Technology, a privately-held company based in New York, New York, whose software helps companies manage their data storage in the cloud infrastructure. GCF will integrate Division 5 Technology, a leading provider of website hosting and data centers, into its corporate VPN sector. The deal was acquired with 1.2 billion dollars in equity funding and 1.5 million shares of stock to Mr. Stiegemeier.

As today's needs for secure data storage and "In the Cloud" data hosting are increasing, the demand for such technology is met by a strong amount of enthusiasm from industry experts. The industry-leading Division 5 Technology solutions use advanced capabilities to power Cloud-Based website hosting and On-Demand solutions for corporations wishing to consolidate their data storage. Division 5 Technology can also help organizations to rapidly assess and remediate the level of risk posed to their businesses through their legacy applications.

Many data storage and encryption issues can be resolved using the advanced infrastructure of Division 5 Technology. According to the National Technology Assessment foundation, security loopholes in modern cloud-based hosting environments are an ever growing risk in the online data industry.

"Secure data transmission is a must have component of today's modern cloud computing industry. The complexity of standard cloud-based hosting require a concerned approach towards modernizing the security risks involved in shared data transmission. The acquisition of Division 5 Technology will allow GCF to provide a secure and encrypted 'in the cloud' transmission of data utilizing instant deployment of servers across multiple redundant networks," said Max Stiegemeier, CEO, GCF International, Inc. "Integrating Division 5 Technology into our industry-leading GCF family of data storage products represents the best-class solution for modern day Cloud Computing."

Division 5 Hosting will be offered as part of the GCF International CloudServ family of Web Hosting and Data storage solutions. The combined offering will provide a comprehensive solution for organizations concerned about the security of their cloud based servers and the preservation of clients personal information and details. The Division 5 Technology solution will allow GCF to provide an on demand solution for large scale corporations seeking encrypted data storage in the Cloud Environment.

"With security risks and DDoS computing attacks happening more and more often online to large scale corporations, our solution will provide the stability of an encrypted network and full map redundancy so that websites do not go offline due to hacker attacks," said Max Stiegemeier, CEO, GCF International, Inc. "By combining our existing infrastructure with the advanced technology offered by Division 5, this will allow us to provide our customer base the most secure and world class cloud-based hosting environment available today. In this ever changing world of technology and increased cyber-attacks, we believe that our acquisition of Division 5 will allow us to set a new compliance initiative for Data Security."

From growing concern around the increasing attacks by cyber criminals and global hacker organizations, to the concern of not being in compliance with mandatory data encryption, standards and policies, companies often need to take a more proactive approach to protect their data in the customer's best interest, so that we value the Customer before the Data. GCF helps customers rapidly deploy global data storage solutions with encrypted data, such as the PCI regulated encryption initiative and global privacy regulations.

This acquisition further reinforces GCF's overall secure hosting product. GCF can provide customers with an On Demand Cloud-Based storage solution protected by the highest level of data encryption and protecting the consumer's risk of cyber attacks and stolen data.

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