Maxim Health Systems Partners with ImmuneTech to Provide Innovative Allergy Test to Corporate Wellness Clients

Early diagnosis of allergy symptoms can improve productivity and decrease healthcare costs

Mar 24, 2011, 10:54 ET from Maxim Health Systems

COLUMBIA, Md. and FOSTER CITY, Calif., March 24, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Advanced allergy testing is now available to corporate and community wellness programs, thanks to a partnership between Maxim Health Systems ( and ImmuneTech, Inc.

Allergies affect a significant portion of the population and are a leading cause of chronic illness, yet it is estimated that as few as 14 percent of sufferers receive a proper diagnosis.  Symptoms are often year-round rather than seasonal, and are not just limited to a runny nose or itchy, watery eyes.  They can be disguised as other health issues such as digestive disorders, headaches, eczema, chronic ear infections, and depression to name just a few.  

Numerous published studies indicate allergies have a significant impact on productivity, which costs employers billions each year. While most major corporations have been aggressively pursuing cost containment through employee health and wellness initiatives, there has been no practical means of incorporating testing for allergies into their program, until now.  

An innovative new procedure developed by ImmuneTech, an emerging life science company, and offered through Maxim Health Systems, a nationwide wellness service provider, enables broader access to affordable allergy testing.  Accurate diagnosis can now be made from a micro-sample of blood taken by a simple finger stick.  The test is FDA cleared and clinically proven to be as accurate as blood tests performed by major laboratories or a physician's office.  Results are accessed online and come with a personalized plan for every patient, along with links to helpful products and services as well as local allergists for follow up and continued care.  

Allergy testing is the latest addition to Maxim Health Systems' comprehensive wellness program. Maxim offers a variety of services including immunization programs, health screenings and education programs designed to help organizations improve employee well being and productivity while reducing direct healthcare costs. In addition to its wellness programs, Maxim's flu vaccine program helps protect millions of people from influenza each year. Maxim has administered more than 12 million flu immunizations over the past four years alone.

"Maxim Health Systems is excited to offer this new, easy-to-administer and affordable allergy test to the schools, senior living facilities, corporations and retail clients we serve," said Steve Pellito, Director of Wellness at Maxim Health Systems. "By helping employees identify chronic allergy symptoms and seek treatment earlier, employers and organizations can ensure their members are healthy and productive."

"As a company devoted to advancing the education, diagnosis and management of a critical disease that's reaching epidemic proportions, we're excited to partner with Maxim, a quality-focused provider of wellness services to the country's largest employers," said Lisa Elkins, CEO of ImmuneTech.  "We've found Maxim to be a visionary partner in the wellness community with a strong focus on bringing new and innovative solutions to the clients they serve."

About ImmuneTech

ImmuneTech ( is a leading healthcare technology company focused on improving accessibility and affordability to the broader population in the area of allergy diagnostics.

About Maxim Health Systems

Maxim Health Systems is a division of Maxim Healthcare Services, Inc. Established in 1996, Maxim Health Systems offers a full line of comprehensive wellness services to various market segments.  Our Client base consists of corporate employer groups, health plans, retailers, schools, senior living facilities and physician offices. We provide a variety of services including immunizations, health screenings and educational wellness programs. Our flu immunization program has resulted in the administration of more than 13 million immunizations in the last five years alone. For more information, visit

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