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Jun 16, 2010, 07:37 ET from

MIDDLETOWN, Del., June 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Krav Maga is the highly effective battle tested Israeli system of self defense, fighting skills and 3rd party protection.

Krav Maga has received unparalleled popularity in recent years through films such as the Bourne series as well as the video games (GTA 4 and Splinter Cell just to name as few) and of course in the fitness industry  the term "Krav Maga workout" has become synonymous to finishing a workout in a heaping pile of sweat with throbbing muscles.

Now Krav Maga Training goes online, with the most comprehensive online training curriculum ever assembled.

"For over 35 years I've been practicing and teaching Krav Maga. I learned directly from Imi Lichtenfeld (Krav Maga's Founder) and served as his right hand and foremost disciple for 20 years. I was lucky to be the right man in the right place and spent my life disseminating the Krav Maga techniques and training methods worldwide," says Eyal Yanilov, the highest ranking Krav Maga instructor in the world, as well as the founder of KMG and "Bringing the Krav Maga curriculum to the internet has been the logical progression."

The site promises the most advanced and complete online Krav Maga training available anywhere, with constantly updated content and high quality videos streaming in lightning speed to people's computers. features a Q&A section and a forum where students can ask Eyal questions, and get training tips and request videos. People interested in self defense and the skills to promote their safety and confidence will find here great knowledge.

"For Krav Maga trainees and for all martial artists - the online training through the site will compliment our student's offline training in our gyms and training centers. Our instructors will also have a special section on the site, where they can get the most up to date techniques, and lessons. Overall I'm very excited about and its revolutionary impact on the world of Krav Maga."

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