MaxPlay Delivers Unrivaled Power; Announces MaxCore™

The Most Powerful Multi-Core Processing and High-end Rendering Solution for Games, VR and AR Applications

Mar 10, 2016, 12:00 ET from MaxPlay

SAN FRANCISCO, March 10, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- MaxPlay, a game development enterprise software and services company, today announced MaxCore™ for its Game Development Suite (GDS).  Already dubbed "Google Docs for game developers," MaxPlay's SaaS platform enables real-time collaboration via the cloud.  Now MaxPlay brings unparalleled performance to games with MaxCore, a scalable, data parallel computing architecture and advanced rendering system built for multi-core devices.  The combination of these two systems make MaxCore an unrivaled powerful solution for gaming and mixed reality (AR/VR) developers.

MaxCore uniquely optimizes CPU processing on multi-core PCs, game consoles and mobile devices that are at the forefront of today's hardware market. As part of MaxPlay's Game Development Suite (GDS), MaxCore dramatically improves game performance, which is critical for AR/VR applications where maximum CPU utilization is critical. MaxCore is designed to utilize all of the available cores giving developers more flexibility and control over their game software. MaxCore's advanced rendering system is a Forward+ engine with Physically-based Rendering (PBR) providing incredible performance on even the most complex scenes. In particular, Light Indexed Deferred (LID) rendering allows for thousands of light sources per single object giving artists tremendous flexibility to create incredibly realistic worlds.

"With MaxPlay's MaxCore game developers can now take advantage of every CPU core without compromise," states Kevin Normann, President/CTO Midnight Studios. "The performance gains are phenomenal."

Using MaxCore, developers can optimize runtime frame rates, drastically improve overall game visuals and scale content to create deeper, richer, and more immersive game and mixed reality experiences. MaxPlay has seen 400% frame rate increases with MaxCore when scaling from two to six core machines in benchmark testing.  No other game development engine on the market is designed to scale with the inherent power of multi-core hardware.

"MaxCore and LID rendering is just what the doctor ordered for VR developers," states Ryan Peterson, CEO Finger Food Studios. "This combined approach helps developers get the most out of multi-core CPUs."

The combination of MaxCore and MaxPlay's real-time collaboration platform makes the Game Development Suite a powerful one-of-a-kind platform advantageous for all game development on today and tomorrow's gaming and VR/AR hardware. It is the only game development platform that will provide significant workflow and runtime advantages when developing games and mixed reality experiences. To read more on the MaxCore approach, click here.

"MaxPlay's engine leverages all of the CPU cores on a device whether it's a phone, PC or game console, unlike the functional threading model popular in today's game engines," said Matt Shaw, MaxPlay's CTO. "This additional power is critical for developers who want to create high quality experiences that demand peak performance, especially for AR/VR where every frame-per-second counts."

MaxPlay's MaxCore Architecture and LID rendering enables:

  • nCore processing that spreads CPU workload over multi-cores allowing more complex simulations and content to be rendered
  • Unlimited lighting options for more immersive and realistic experiences
  • Improved frame rates and increased content scaling on screen

"Virtual Reality is ushering in an era of innovation and amazing new experiences, but it also introduces a variety of new challenges and opportunities that require more powerful and innovative software development solutions," said Sinjin Bain, MaxPlay's CEO. "Our goal is to continue to create technologies, like MaxCore, that are built for today and tomorrow's gaming and AR/VR development needs.  By providing a flexible and extensible high performance platform, MaxPlay unlocks new creative opportunities for all developers."

About MaxPlay

MaxPlay, headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Austin, is an independent technology solutions and services provider for the game development community. MaxPlay innovates game development, publishing and live operations so developers can focus on doing what they do best: create best-in-class games. Its proprietary MaxCore™ runtime unlocks the real computing power available in modern multi-core gaming and mixed reality hardware devices. Visit us at or on Twitter at @maxplayio.

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