MaxPlay Showcases Powerful MaxCore™ During GDC 2016

Proprietary Data Parallel Multi-threading Technology Shown in Intel's Sky Bridge, Moscone Center South Hall

Mar 15, 2016, 16:00 ET from MaxPlay

SAN FRANCISCO, March 15, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- GAME DEVELOPERS CONFERENCE -- MaxPlay announced today that it will demonstrate its newly announced MaxCore™ proprietary technology in Intel's booth during the Game Developers Conference from March 16-18 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.  MaxPlay's MaxCore technology can be seen in Intel's Sky Bridge (Moscone South Hall, Upper Lobby, Mezzanine Bridges) where GDC attendees can experience the MaxCore advanced multi-threading and rendering technology showcase on Intel's Ultimate Game Development Rig with Haswell-E 8-core processor.

MaxCore is an advanced data parallel computing architecture with a Light Indexed Deferred (Forward+) rendering system designed for multi-core devices providing tremendous power to software game creators. MaxCore uniquely optimizes CPU processing across every available core on multi-core PCs, game consoles and mobile devices that are at the forefront of today's hardware market. As part of MaxPlay's Game Development Suite (GDS), MaxCore dramatically improves game performance, which is critical for high fidelity games and AR/VR applications where maximum CPU utilization is critical. MaxPlay has seen 400% frame rate increases with MaxCore when scaling from two to six core machines in benchmark simulation testing.

"We are thrilled to be showcasing MaxCore in Intel's booth during GDC," said MaxPlay CEO Sinjin Bain. "MaxCore combined with our GDS becomes one of the most powerful game development platforms in the market and will be especially advantageous for optimizing CPU performance on multi-core chipsets for developing mixed reality experiences and games."

In the beautifully rendered display of raw computing power, aptly named Origami Sky, thousands of origami cranes swarm and flock around a sky full of floating lanterns high above a beautiful Japanese Zen Garden.  Predatory origami dragons arrive to ambush and hunt the cranes providing an incredible display of survival flocking behavior.  The demo highlights the scalability and performance of MaxPlay's MaxCore and GDS toolset. It displays the fluid frame rates, dynamic lighting and high fidelity graphics while demonstrating massive content scaling, only possible with MaxCore multi-threading and rendering techniques. To see a demo of Origami Sky, please visit MaxPlay's YouTube channel:  

Origami Sky MaxCore Demonstration Highlights:

  • MaxCore's proprietary massively scaling multi-threading engine
  • Beautifully rendered, visually rich scene that showcases advanced rendering features:
    • Light Indexed Deferred Rendering
    • Physically-based Rendering (PBR)
    • Instanced Mesh Rendering
    • Dynamic soft shadows on all objects and structures
  • Thousands of animated game objects and real-time dynamic lights

Leading content creation and VFX studio, The Mill, collaborated with MaxPlay to create assets for the MaxCore demonstration.

MaxCore is designed to utilize all of the available cores giving developers more flexibility and control over their game software. MaxCore's advanced rendering system is a Forward+ engine with Physically-based Rendering (PBR) providing incredible performance on even the most complex scenes. In particular, Light Indexed Deferred (LID) rendering allows for thousands of light sources per single object giving artists tremendous flexibility to create incredibly realistic worlds.

To schedule a GDC demo of MaxPlay's MaxCore technology in Intel's Sky Bridge (Moscone South Hall, Upper Lobby, Mezzanine Bridges), please contact the team at

In addition, MaxPlay CTO Matt Shaw will be presenting in NVIDIA's booth on Thursday at 3:00 PM at room 3014 West Hall of the Moscone Center.

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MaxPlay, headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Austin, is an independent technology solutions and services provider for the game development community. MaxPlay innovates game development, publishing and live operations so developers can focus on doing what they do best: create best-in-class games. Its proprietary MaxCore™ runtime unlocks the real computing power available in modern multi-core gaming and mixed reality hardware devices. Visit us at or on Twitter at @maxplayio.

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