Mayan Palace Fraud Stories Appear to Be Fabricated as Customers Report Overwhelmingly Positive Experiences at this Cancun Resort

Jan 10, 2014, 23:59 ET from

When a report arrives online accusing a company of fraud it is important to take an impartial look into the origins of the complaints to see if they hold any weight. The amount of favorable reviews for the Mayan Palace shows that these fraud accounts are fabricated.

CANCUN, Mexico, Jan. 10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ - Stories of fraud circulate online frequently, in some cases it is cause for alarm and, at the very least, an investigation into the culprit. The Mayan Palace family of Mexican resorts recently came under fire on the Internet because of supposed fraud practices they were using. But how did the Mayan Palace fraud accounts compare to actual customer reports?

In comparing the online fraud accounts to actual customer reviews there is no clear evidence of any scam being perpetuated. In fact, there were above-average ratings being posted across the board, showing content families and travelers who had overwhelmingly positive experiences. The Mayan Palace group of luxury resorts have achieved amazing reviews on the world's most popular travel sites, with new reviews by happy travelers being added on a weekly basis. So how does the Mayan Palace, an extravagant resort that seems to be well received by its customers, have an unusual amount of people reporting fraud? It could possibly be a tactic being used to discredit the resort or take away potential customers. Although the true reason for the reports may never be revealed, they are certainly not congruous with the positive statements being made in support of the Mayan Palace.

So what is the final verdict in the Mayan Palace fraud case? After looking into the rumors and comparing them to actual reports it is safe to say that they are nothing more than that, stories created to harm the reputation of a company that has taken great pride in providing a calming atmosphere to allow their customers to relax in. The most important lesson is to never blindly believe any reports online before doing some further research.