MBL International Corporation Introduces TransFix® a Cellular Stabilization Agent

Feb 28, 2013, 11:11 ET from MBL International Corporation

WOBURN, Mass., Feb. 28, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- MBL International (MBLI), a leading life science company, announced today the launch of TransFix®. It is a patented cellular stabilization reagent that when added to whole blood, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), bone marrow and fine needle aspirates, preserves cell surface antigens at room temperature for a maximum of 10 days. 

TransFix® was developed by scientists in the UK to stabilize blood samples for immunological analysis. Without TransFix®­ stabilization, whole blood samples have a transportation and storage shelf life of only 36 hours.  Following stabilization, TransFix® samples can be stored up to 10 days, saving time and money.  TransFix® is capable of stabilizing a wide range of body fluids and tissue, including blood, CSF and bone marrow from both human and animal origins. This enables immunological samples to be grouped and stored as well as transported safely. 

TransFix® incorporates a patented technology developed by Cytomark, a UK Biotechnology Company formed to bring to market blood stabilization technology developed by UK NEQAS. TransFix® is now available to North America, South America and Japanese markets.

"MBL International is excited about adding TransFix® to our growing portfolio of life sciences products," said Christopher Hargadon, VP of Sales and Marketing at MBL International Corporation. "This technology offers many benefits to researchers in the biotechnology, biopharma, clinical and animal research fields by offering a ready-to-use biological fluid preservative." 

The CEO of Cytomark, Dr. Tim Almond, is pleased to announce a new and exclusive distribution agreement with MBL International in the USA. At a recent press conference Dr. Almond said, "We are both pleased and excited that MBL International has agreed to partner with Cytomark in the USA. This is a key step in our international strategy to promote TransFix®­. We are confident that MBL International will enable us to reach our strategic goals."

About MBL International Corporation
MBL International Corporation is a leading life science company focused on providing high quality products and solutions for life science research and clinical diagnostics. Their products are used widely in academic research institutions, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, government agencies, as well as hospital and reference laboratories. MBL International provides a consultative approach, superior technical and customer support, and convenient purchasing options. For more information, please visit mblintl.com or call 1-781-939-6964.

About Cytomark 
Cytomark is a Division of Caltag Medsystems Ltd., based in Buckingham, UK (+44 (0)1280 827460 or office@caltagmedsystems.co.uk). Cytomark was formed in 2005 to bring technologies developed by UK NEQAS to the open market. TransFix® was developed by UK NEQAS to facilitate the safe transfer of blood samples in support of their Quality assurance program. Cytomark took an exclusive license for this technology in 2005. The company now has distributors in over 30 countries.

SOURCE MBL International Corporation