MCMC Announces Strategic Partnership with Qmedtrix

Apr 13, 2012, 16:36 ET from MCMC LLC

BOSTON, April 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- MCMC, LLC ("MCMC") announces a strategic partnership with Qmedtrix Systems, Inc. ("Qmedtrix") that will afford MCMC customers access to a wide array of specialty bill review services.


"Qmedtrix has a proven track record of producing additional savings for complex billing situations," says Michael Lindberg, CEO of MCMC. "Just as importantly, Qmedtrix defends its recommendations, and that kind of legal protection is essential for our customers."

Qmedtrix has been in business since 1996 and currently serves hundreds of payers across the country, including some of the largest work comp carriers and self-insured employers. The company has built its infrastructure and reputation on combating inaccurate, excessive and unsubstantiated charges. The company has also assertively engaged the legal system on matters of fair and equitable reimbursement, and has established case precedent on a national scale.

MCMC has been working with Qmedtrix for the past three years. The new strategic partnership will allow MCMC to offer the full scope of Qmedtrix services and to significantly advance the cost containment outcomes its customers can expect to achieve.

"After extensive evaluation of our bill review results, MCMC management was able to qualify significantly enhanced savings from Qmedtrix services," Lindberg explains. "They employ a validated, scientific approach that addresses difficult problems in today's billing practices, and we have verified that they possess significant expertise with high-dollar facility and professional bills. The proprietary methodology developed and utilized by Qmedtrix goes beyond primary re-pricing to fee schedules and U&C rates."

In addition to its flagship BillChek® and Qmedworx™ services, Qmedtrix has recently introduced several new services aimed at tackling some of the most significant medical billing errors and abuses currently affecting payers nationwide. They include, among others:  ImplantRx™, to identify and purge extreme implant mark-ups and related issues, and TrueDRG™, to reverse the impact of DRG upcoding, inconsistencies and non-correlated ICD-9.

"MCMC is a terrific organization. We enthusiastically welcome them to our new QPartners program," says Merrit Quarum, MD, CEO of Qmedtrix. "We look forward to helping them deliver more comprehensive solutions to complex medical billing problems."

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