McShane Construction Company Has Implemented Textura® Pre-qualification Management and Construction Payment Management to Bolster Competitive Advantage, Streamline Processes

Streamlined business processes improve risk management, efficiency and subcontractor relations.

Mar 10, 2011, 08:00 ET from Textura

ROSEMONT, Ill., March 10, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- McShane Construction Company, a leading national commercial and multi-family builder, announced that they have implemented both of Textura Corporation's collaborative construction solutions to better compete in today's challenging environment:  Textura -- Pre-Qualification Management (PQM) for subcontractor pre-qualification and Textura -- Construction Payment Management (CPM) for subcontractor billing.  Both products have resulted in risk mitigation, improved information access and reduced operating costs.  

McShane Construction Company's Senior Vice President, Keith Dafcik remarked, "One of our clients introduced us to Textura–CPM in 2009.  We quickly understood why they chose to use Textura's system as we immediately realized measurable benefits.  Textura–CPM allowed us to streamline subcontractor invoice submissions.  After using CPM for a few months, it was an easy decision to implement the system on other construction projects."

Dafcik added, "Based on our positive experience with Textura, we implemented their PQM solution in 2010 to automate the collection of subcontractor pre-qualification documents.  Pre-qualification has always been important to our business but it has become a vital process given the change in economic conditions over the last few years.  Working with the right subcontractors ensures that McShane will continue to exceed the needs of our clients while reducing the risk of subcontractor default. Textura–PQM strengthens our ability to evaluate business partners in the fairest, but most efficient way possible."

McShane Construction Company has achieved full implementation of Textura's systems in their Rosemont, IL; Phoenix, AZ; and Irvine, CA offices.  The core processes of both PQM and CPM were originally developed and are constantly updated by incorporating industry benchmarks and best practices.  This means that clients benefit from the collective experience of the most successful general contractors, construction managers, and subcontractors in the industry.

Mike Antis, Textura's Vice President of Client Services, commented, "McShane has been a long-time leader in the Chicago market and nationally with an exceptional reputation for delivering quality products and services.  Their use of Textura–PQM and Textura–CPM demonstrates a strong commitment to continuous process improvement and enhanced subcontractor relations.  Just as they approach every project, they approached the assessment of Textura's products with an open mind and a vision of how things should work.  We are very pleased to have them as a client."  

McShane anticipates further risk reduction, efficiency gains and cost reductions as they rollout Textura–PQM and Textura–CPM to additional offices and projects.  McShane exemplifies best practices in subcontractor pre-qualification and has updated their subcontractor portal on their corporate web site to educate subcontractors on the use and the benefits of Textura–PQM.  

About McShane Construction Company

McShane Construction Company was established in 1984 and is headquartered in Rosemont, Illinois with western regional offices in Phoenix, Arizona and Irvine, California with a southeast regional office in Auburn, Alabama. The firm offers integrated design/build and build-to-suit construction services for the office, healthcare, hospitality, recreational, retail, multi-family, manufacturing and distribution markets. For more information, visit the firm's recently updated web site at

About Textura

Founded in 2004, Textura has developed the only robust collaborative industry solutions for construction payment management, Textura—CPM, and for pre-qualification management, Textura—PQM.  

Textura—CPM electronically integrates all construction payment management process components – billing, lien waiver collection, statutory declaration collection, sub-tier waivers, compliance management, and payments – into one seamless work flow.  CPM helps contractors and others involved in construction projects realize significant efficiency benefits from automation and streamlining; and, risk reduction from improved control and visibility.  

Textura—PQM automates the entire pre-qualification process for everyone by facilitating the electronic submission, review, approval and updating of all pre-qualification documents.  PQM's online data management system speeds the pre-qualification process by allowing subcontractors to enter their information one-time into a database which can then produce tailored pre-qualification forms that provide specific information required by individual general contractors.  PQM provides contractors with dramatic efficiency benefits and a foundation for better information and decision-making.  PQM supports MWBE programs.  Please visit our website at

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