MDA Analytics Continues to Advance Fraud Management Results Through Improved System Flexibility & Ease of Use

Latest AdaptiveFMS Solution Offering Simplifies and Strengthens Fraud Operations for Both Managers and Analysts

Dec 07, 2010, 09:30 ET from MDA Analytics

BOSTON, Dec. 7, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- MDA Analytics (MDA), a global process analytic software and solutions provider, today announced that it has released key enhancements to its AdaptiveFMS solution, a rigorous fraud management system which is based on the company's industry-leading Lavastorm Analytic Platform.  AdaptiveFMS provides an open, flexible analytic capability that enables telecommunications and media providers to easily adapt to changing fraud threats and internal business priorities.  Focusing on simplification and flexibility, the AdaptiveFMS solution enhancements simplify and strengthen fraud analyst functionality while giving fraud management the ability to adapt and optimize the fraud system – both increasing the hit rate and overall financial productivity.  

For fraud analysts, MDA enhanced alarm and case management functionality that automates and simplifies the creation and prioritization of individual alarms, cases, and master cases, and enhances how fraud analysts can see, correlate, organize, and source different alarm and suspect data.  These enhancements: ensure that the most important alarms and cases are being worked;, improve the tools to address cases; increase the number of cases that can be worked by each analyst, and improve overall financial productivity.

For fraud managers, MDA enhanced methods to adapt and optimize the AdaptiveFMS environment.  With AdaptiveFMS, fraud managers can identify patterns in usage data that may signal new fraud threats, then build and model fraud detection profiles so that they can continuously adapt the system to keep pace with fraudsters.  The new enhancements enable fraud managers to test the new detection profiles on actual call detail reporting data without affecting the ongoing fraud operations by sectoring off "test" analytics.  Further, fraud managers can tune existing rules so that the system is continuously optimized to the actual threats, maximizing detection while not overwhelming fraud analysts with low-value alarms.  Together, these enhancements create significant capability for the fraud manager to control, adapt, and optimize their fraud management system (FMS) to stay current to the threat and conserve fraud analysts' time – all while maximizing financial productivity.

"Our AdaptiveFMS solution delivers the rigor to reduce risk, and the unique adaptive capabilities to enable our customers to control their environment and stay at pace with the threat," said Drew Rockwell, CEO at MDA. "Two major European Providers are already taking advantage of these new tools and efficiencies for their fraud analysts, and as well enhancing their capabilities to adapt and optimize to a very dynamic external and internal environment.  These enhancements are part of a larger set of investments that ensure that MDA remains the  leader in our space, and that our customers have the best tools to reduce fraud and related bad debt risk."

About MDA Analytics

MDA is a global process analytic company that enables our customers to maximize cash from and optimize business operations; notably the complex and critical order-to-cash process.  Through the Company's Lavastorm Analytic Platform and associated Adaptive Modeling capability, they deliver powerful solutions, such as revenue assurance, fraud management, customer experience analytics, service delivery analytics, trade & settlement analytics, migration assurance, compliance and risk analytics, and dealer commission analytics.  Delivering these solutions in the communications, media, energy, and utility markets, MDA helps customers optimize current operations and de-risk the transition to new products and new business models.  For more information, visit, call +1 617 345 5422 ext. 244, or follow MDA on Twitter at

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