MDA Delivers New Visualization Capabilities as a Part of the Lavastorm Analytic Engine 4.5

LAE 4.5 Introduces InFlow Reporting - Brings Advanced Visualization and Collaboration Capabilities to Market

Dec 14, 2010, 10:32 ET from MDA

BOSTON, Dec. 14, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- MDA, a global process analytic software and solutions provider, today announced the release of the Lavastorm Analytic Engine (LAE) 4.5, a new offering that includes significant enhancements to its already market leading visualization capabilities.  LAE 4.5 addresses an acute market need for enterprises that require full visibility and analysis into complex and often opaque data and logic-intense business operations.  Without advanced visualization capabilities, like those found in LAE 4.5, some processes become too expensive or simply too hard to address.

LAE 4.5 extends and enhances the existing adaptive modeling capability that uses a highly visual, collaborative environment to construct analytics by assembling pre-configured analytic nodes -- versus by coding -- and enabling drill-down to the atomic level of data and logic.  

Key to LAE 4.5 is InFlow Reporting, an innovative visual capability that gives analysts and business users fundamentally new visualization and collaboration capabilities to the analytic development and reporting process.  For analytic development, InFlow Reporting allows analysts to output graphs and charts from any point in the analytic itself, enabling them to better collaborate with business experts, and use graphical methods to make sense of highly complex analytic inputs and outputs.  For reporting, InFlow Reporting also enables analysts to present results -- particularly surprising or contentious ones -- from within the analytic itself.  It allows stakeholders and executives to directly engage in the analytic process, fully understand how results were developed, and then trace back to the operational data and logic.  

LAE 4.5 also enhances the analytic libraries which simplifies how analysts source and manage pre-configured and user-built nodes, extends the libraries to include Java and XML nodes that ease integration with external systems, includes the data pivot nodes that support data transformation, and enhances data profiling nodes used as part of drilling down to the atomic-level data.  

"Our customers are aggressively increasing their investment and focus on process analytics to both de-risk operations and harness business processes for competitive advantage.  They have been unanimous that visualization is a critical capability in process discovery, collaboration, analytic development, and analytic reporting," said Drew Rockwell, CEO of MDA.  "We are excited about bringing LAE 4.5 to market as we think visualization -- especially visualization that directly fosters collaboration -- both expands the number of analytics that our customers can address, and greatly increases the financial, operational, and competitive benefits from them."      

The visualization capabilities introduced in LAE 4.5 are also available in the Lavastorm Desktop 4.5.  In the desktop version of the LAE, users get the analytic rigor and process analysis capabilities needed to create immediate working capital all in a low cost desktop environment.

About MDA

MDA is a global process analytic company that enables our customers to maximize cash from and optimize business operations; notably the complex and critical order-to-cash process.  Through our Lavastorm Analytic Platform and associated Adaptive Modeling capability, we deliver powerful solutions, such as revenue assurance, fraud management, customer experience analytics, service delivery analytics, trade & settlement analytics, migration assurance, compliance and risk analytic, and dealer commission analytics.  We deliver these solutions in the communications, media, energy, and utility markets, helping our customers optimize current operations and de-risk the transition to new products and new business models.  For more information, visit, call +1 617 345 5422 ext. 244, or follow MDA on Twitter at